Diving Tours-Discovering Riviera Maya Underwater World

Fortunately Riviera Maya is surrounding with water. Whether is deep full of marine life cenotes or endless turquoise water of the ocean, there is water everywhere. Because of this, the place offers a wide list of exciting activities you can take advantage of while vacationing in this paradise. Snorkeling is easy and does not requires much equipment. Swimming is also fun but if you really want to discover what is under the surface, diving is definitely for you. We have the top places where you can request tours. And if you believe a lot of knowledge is required to do this activity, think again. The Discovery diving is very practical, easy to learn and the experience it offers is like nothing in the world.

Getting Ready For Diving

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There is no need for certification if you are doing a discovery diving. The instructor will give you the book with simple rules you have to learn in no more than 20 minutes. Afterwards you take a small course when you learn basic signs you will use during the diving. Then, you are finally ready to practice in the ocean.  The actual diving is around 45 minutes and you will see all kinds of marine creatures. You will swim next to sea turtles in their natural caves, eating and playing with other fish. You can dive up to 14 meters under water for the first discovery diving.

Booking Your Diving Trips

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For discovery divings or trips for certified divers, we highly recommend Akumal Dive Center. They are well experienced and know the area perfectly well. They provide diving tours in cenotes and in the open water. And no worries if you need to improve your certification or updating it, there are always guides willing to help you with paperwork. You can contact them directly to make an appointment or let us make the reservation on your behalf. There are different rates depending on the length of the trip you want to take and the location.

Increase The Adventure And Swim With Whale Sharks

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If you feel like you have covered the diving field, what about taking the adventure to a whole new level? Swimming with the whale sharks is nothing like diving. This gentle giant is the kindest fish in the sea. Swimming next to it gives you a whole new perspective of how marine life works. The best part is that after the trip is that no harm is done. You will get an open invitation to discover the whale shark habitat and see them free. Whale sharks visit Caribbean waters between June and September each year. The whale shark adventure is a seasonal activity, therefore we highly recommend you to request a quote in advance to guarantee availability. Send us an email to [email protected] and book your trip to swim with the whale sharks. A whole new universe is waiting for you under the sea!

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