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Active Vacations Diving and Snorkeling

The Discover Scuba Diving program is a one day introduction to the underwater world of the Riviera Maya. Open to everyone 12 years and older, the discover scuba experience begins by familiarizing you with gear and equipment, easy to follow intuitive instructions and a comprehensive safety review. 

Your first breaths on scuba will be in the calm confines of shallow water in either (depnding on the dive shop you choose) Akumal Bay or a swimming pool. While in these protected waters you will gain familiarity with your gear, breathing and movement. Once you are comfortable and your instructors gives you the ok it's off to enjoy an easy paced shallow dive in open water.

During your dive you will enjoy the peace of the underwater world and be able to observe area marine life and coral reefs.

This is really something that is accessible to people of most activity levels. If you are comfortable snorkeling we think you will really enjoy scuba!

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