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28 Jan 2023
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About Flying To Riviera Maya

In June of 2022, Locogringo announced Quintana Roo's new paperless immigration process along with the construction of a new bridge at Cancun's International Airport. Here are Locogringo's local experts' comments and advice for travelers.

Formless Entry

Rather than fill out a paper Formato Migratorio Múltiple (FMM) a.k.a. "tourist card", most visitors will simply have their passports stamped for a 180-day stay.  Locogringo guests flying into Cancun from Europe and the US have confirmed not having to complete any Mexican immigration forms, digital or paper.  

One Locogringo guest, flying from Lisbon, Portugal to Cancun noticed that airlines and flight attendants in Europe were paying closer attention to passengers' passports than in the past but no forms were required.   Other frequent Locogringo guests flying into Cozumel from the US that their airline didn't even require presenting boarding passes or passports when it was time to board.  Instead, they were asked to smile at a camera as they walked onto the plane but no immigration forms. 

That said, travelers should be aware that there are random custom inspections before exiting airport terminals.  Passengers that flew into Cozumel were asked to complete a paper customs form and had their luggage scanned.  However, travelers arriving in Cancun have confirmed random luggage inspection but no paper forms. 

Airport Traffic

Due to the new construction of a bridge entering Cancun's International Airport traffic has been reportedly slower.  Now some guests have reported smooth sailing most travelers are reporting delays of 20 to up to 45 minutes.  Locogringo can help guests identify the best time to leave their accommodations for the airport based on their location and schedule. 

Lunchtime, and morning and afternoon rush hours should be taken into consideration.  As a general rule travelers are advised to add a 45-minute cushion to make sure they make it to their flights on time. 

Plan Ahead

Make sure your vacation ends in success by arriving at the airport on time and that you have your passport stamped upon entry.  Contact our team of local experts for more information and details about traveling to Riviera