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4 Sep 2023
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On September 3rd, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador embarked on a historical journey, taking the first supervision tour aboard the Mayan Train from Campeche to Mérida, as per media source Campeche En Linea. As part of the expanded Tren Maya project, the route showcases the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula, connecting significant sites from Campeche to Cancun. Join us as we explore this new venture that promises to revolutionize tourism in the Riviera Maya.

The Tren Maya, has been an ambitious project since its inception. Designed to connect significant sites on the Yucatan Peninsula, the train promises to offer both locals and tourists an unparalleled journey through the heart of Mexico's southeastern region. According to Mexican News Source El Financiero, AMLO claims the train will be inaugurated in Dec. 2023. That said, the Mayan Train is waiting to overcome the series of appeals against it and finish its construction to be inaugurated before López Obrador ends his six-year term.

The current northern Yucatan route that President Obrador had the pleasure of experiencing will start at the historically rich city of Campeche. From there, it should touch the charming towns of San Francisco and Hecelchakan before going to Uman. As the train continues, Merida's urban vibes will be unmistakable, a testament to the region's blend of the past and present. From Mérida, the journey promises to go on to the archaeological wonder of Izamal, Valladolid's colonial beauty and finally concludes in Cancun's bustling, tourist-laden shores.

Plan Ahead

This route is currently unavailable for travel. The Train Maya is not operating now, but it is a story in motion. For tourists, the Tren Maya offers an enticing invitation to explore the Riviera Maya's treasures, bridging the gap between ancient civilizations and modern-day Mexican splendor. If you're planning on traveling to Riviera Maya, be sure you have all the information about how to get to your destination. Contact us for more information and details about ground transportation in Riviera Maya for your upcoming trip to Riviera Maya.