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27 Dec 2023
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Discover the ultimate water paradise at Jungala Aqua Experience in Riviera Maya. This luxurious waterpark offers a perfect blend of thrill and relaxation for families seeking an extraordinary vacation.

From heart-pounding water slides to a serene lazy river, Jungala caters to every age and thrill level. The park's state-of-the-art attractions, nestled in a mystic jungle setting, provide a unique backdrop for unforgettable memories.

Families can unwind in exclusive VIP cabanas, offering private retreats with top-notch amenities. The park’s capacity is deliberately limited, ensuring a more intimate and indulgent experience.

For the little ones, Jungala's Kids Area is a haven of fun with age-appropriate slides and activities. Meanwhile, adults can indulge in spa services or enjoy gourmet dining options, making it a true oasis of leisure and luxury.

Jungala Aqua Experience stands out with its commitment to an elevated guest experience, blending adventure with the serenity of the Riviera Maya’s natural beauty. It's not just a waterpark, but a destination that promises a day of exhilarating fun and lavish relaxation.

Plan Ahead

Contact us for details on how to plan your visit to Jungala and experience why it's considered one of the premier water attractions in Riviera Maya. Perfect for families, this waterpark is where luxury meets adventure in the heart of the Caribbean paradise.