Riviera Maya vacation tip – protect the sea and cenotes

cenotes of the Riviera maya and the best way to protect the cenotes

It is all of our job to protect the sea and cenotes while living in or visiting the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya has a very delicate water system that affects the ecosystem. It is all connected! There are some basic measures you can take to protect the waters and life of the sea and cenotes. This includes fish and planets, coral and algae, all important aspects of the underwater environment.

1. Wear a biodegradable suntan lotion. Many lotions are harmful to our skin and the sea. Find a biodegradable lotion that is good for you and the water!

2. Don’t kick up the sand. If you are near a reef system or plants in the ocean or the cenotes, try not to kick up sand or silt when snorkeling or swimming. The small particles can suffocate the pores of the plants and corals, a filtering system that lets these non-animal life forms survive.

3. Don’t touch. This is the number one rule in any body of water, fresh or salt. The formations in the cenotes will not regenerate if you touch or break a formation, so though they are tempting to touch, please don’t. Anything in the ocean should not be touched. You could be damaging a cell or pore or you could upset a fish or creature. We are guests in the sea and should just look!

Help us preserve what we love most about the Riviera Maya. The sea is our first love with the cenotes a close second. The water that makes up these vast bodies of water need our attention if we are going to visit them and admire these natural wonders.

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