Riviera Maya vacation tip – Keep your kids hydrated!

feeding your kids on vacation in the Riviera Maya

Kids love to be in the sun and they love to run on the beach. Let them do it, let them have fun on their vacation! Even when they are swimming in the ocean, they sweat. The result, dehydration if we don’t make hydration a priority! Your kids will not know if they are sweating or getting dehydrated, they just know they are having fun. The best way to keep your kids hydrated is with coconut water straight from the coconut! If you see a sign anywhere that says Cocos Frios! Get some. If drinking out of the coconut is not that appealing to you (though we think this is the best way to drink coconut water) ask for the coconut milk in a bag! Yup a bag, a little drinking bag that uses less plastic than a bottle and will not spill! For your kids it is a fun alternative and unlike anything they would have seen before!

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