Riviera Maya vacation tip – finding the best snorkeling spots

how to find great snorkeling in the Riviera maya

So how do you find good snorkeling spots from the shore of the beaches of the Riviera Maya? Look for darker areas in the sea. The darker patches in the water show where there are clusters or group of coral. Coral is where the fish and animals love to hang out. Coral clusters are like a playground and food court for the fish and animals that live in the sea.

If you are located on a patch of beach that is just crystal clear water, white sand and no coral patches, no fear, the Mesoamerican reef lines the shore of the Mayan Riviera and can be accessed by boat. The reef is located from 750 meters to 1 kilometer from the shore so a boat ride is a great way to go. If you are lucky to be hanging out on a beach that has a coral patch by the shore, dive in and see what you can see!

Check out the snorkeling in Akumal and see what you can look forward to.

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