Riviera Maya Vacation Tip of the Day – Freeze your water bottles

Mayan Riviera Photo of the Day - Perfect end to your beach vacation

Now this is super clever and is a trick my dad taught me many moons ago. Cold water is essential on your beach vacation. IT is hard to keep small ice cubes cold in your beach cooler but with this vacation tip you will be sure to have cold water all day long. The night before slip your water bottles in the freezer and let the bottles turn from water to ice. Pack the frozen water bottles in the cooler and you have double purpose coolers. Not only will your water be cold all day long but anything you pack in your cooler will be kept cool from the frozen bottles. The ice in the water bottles will melt over time leaving you with purified cold water all day long. This rocks and I thank my dad for this super cool and practical idea!

Check out super fun things to do in the Mayan Riviera where you can travel all day long with your new cooler and cold water system!

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