Riviera Maya travel Tips – Ways to play in the ocean

ways to play in the Riviera maya ocean activities

The ocean is the focus in the Riviera Maya but if you do not live by water, it can seem like a big playing field without directions. The ocean is a playground and there lots of things to do and experience in beautiful blue pool!

1. Jump waves – the nice thing about the waves in the Riviera Maya is that they are not big so anyone can jump waves, body surf or play in the Caribbean. You can spend hours on a windy day playing in the waves making this a great workout.

2. Snorkel. Guided tours are recommended through the various dive centers located at the beach. The Mesoamerican reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world is located off the shores of the Riviera Maya but a little bit to far to take off from the shore. Akumal lets you experience sea life from the shore but all cities require a boat ride out to the reef. Not experienced? Let your guide know and they will be happy to help you get the swing of snorkeling

3. Paddleboarding, kite boarding and kayaking. These are super cool ways to experience the ocean but will require previous experience, or classes. The Riviera Maya has calm waters compared to other oceans but a class or two for a beginner is best. Rentals can be obtained at water sport shops on the beach with Paddleboarding harder to find than the other sports. Suggestion – the best kite boarding is near Rio Lagartos so take your kit and try out the waters up there.

4. Scuba diving. Our favorite! As avid scuba divers we love the ocean experience through the eyes of our mask, checking out the reef, coral and fish at 10 meters or more! There are lots of dive centers in the area that provide guided tours and courses.

5. Water aerobics. WE have been known to jog in the water and do water aerobics when we needed some exercise. Though there are no formalized classes for this, you can do this on your own. Move and shake that body every day on vacation in the ocean and feel good about it!

6. Catamaran tours. Each city will have at least one option or more for sailing tours in the ocean. This is a great way to see the ocean and the Riviera Maya. Ask at your hotel or at the dive centers to see who the best provider of these tours are.

The ocean is our haven, and these suggestions are just a few of things you can do to take advantage of this wonderful world that we call, home. If you are looking for water sport stores or dive shops, check out our service listing per city in the Riviera Maya so you can take advantage of the ocean as well! These suggestions are all sustainable tours so that you are not leaving a footprint in the ocean!