Riviera Maya travel tips – Shopping on the Coba Road

shopping on the Coba road in the riviera Maya

If you are heading to the Coba Ruins, you most likely will hit the Coba Road that starts at the 307 highway in Tulum and head west to the round about that takes you to the final leg to the Coba Ruins. The Coba Road is a great shopping excursion where you will find unique stores not found in the towns and cities located in the Riviera Maya.

Artisans have opened stores along this road so that tour buses, travelers and adventurers can do a bit of shopping on route to the Coba Ruins. Pop in, have a look what each family run business has, with special mention going to the following stores:

Honey Store Рthis is a Melipona honey store, the best of the best and hard to find in the city. Not only are there bottles of honey but other products made from this organic honey only produced in the Yucatan. Honey candies, honey shampoo, honey bath salts, honey soap. All products are made locally and easy to pack and take home.

The Plaster Sculpture artist – Using molds and chisels, there is a small art store on the north side of the highway that is home to the amazing plaster and white cement sculptures created by a local artist. His sculpture range from large designs (local home owner) to small take home pieces (visitors). The images are of local culture and ocean images. Love, love, love this place and wish we could provide you with name. Alas there are no signs only his art on the side of the road that stands out from the rest as all pieces are white!

Stores are located on the Coba Road for over 25 kms. If anything, you will have a great experience see some alternative art and souvenirs from those found in the city. Take a look, chat with the store owners and add one more thing to your Coba adventure.

Check out a map of the Coba Road that leads from Tulum all the way the Coba Ruins.

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