Riviera Maya Travel Tip – ATMs for Pesos

exchanging money in Riviera Maya

The most convenient way to buy pesos is by using an ATM. You will often receive better exchange rates, even though you have to pay a service fee, as with any ATM outside your bank network. Be sure to use only bank ATMs and never third party ATMs. If you’re going to be traveling in rural areas or remote villages, be sure to take enough cash with you, as ATMs may be hard to find.

Buying pesos at your bank before your trip is not necessary if you are using American dollars as they are accepted in Mexico. Your bank probably will not give you the best exchange rate. If you need to exchange for pesos before your arrival, just exchange what you think you will need for the first day or two and then use an ATM in Mexico. There are bank ATMs in the Cancun Airport.

Never use the exchange window at the airport as it is usually the worst exchange rate.

To find out the latest exchange rate, go to www.xe.com

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