Loco Adventure – Horseback riding south of Playa del Carmen

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Once in a while we need to disconnect the modem and get out for a REAL adventure, so when we were invited to come to Rancho Punto Venado for a horseback ride we jumped at the chance. This rancho has 800+ hectares of land with 2+ miles of continuous coastline, all of it totally unspoiled and natural. With clear skies it’s tough to beat the beauty of this ride and the feeling you get seeing it all from horseback… like you traveled back in time. Our guide, Dr. Agustin Carrillo Arce, is actually a pediatrician who oversees the ranch and organizes horseback tours because that’s what he loves to do in his spare time. He and his guides give a full briefing of what to do (and what not to do) while on horesback so you will have a safe and enjoyable ride. The tour includes refreshments during the chat session before and after the ride. The horses are well cared for and have an even temperment and tolerance for novice riders, even loco gringos. We rode the coastal trail for about an hour and twenty minutes, passing through stands of sea grape, palms and pine, almost all the time within sight of the Caribbean. Then the trail opens to an awesome strech of natural beach with no one and nothing around. Just beautiful.

Eco Park in the Riviera Maya – Punta Venado

punta vendao eco park in the riviera maya

Punta Venado is a giant 800 hectare adventure eco-destination of jungle and 2.5 miles of beautiful beaches just south of Playa del Carmen and Calica on the east side of coastal Highway 307 in the heart of the Riviera Maya. And it is still an ideal place to horseback ride in the jungle and along the beach riding beautiful well cared for horses. Now you can also enjoy exciting trails in the jungle in 4×4 jeeps, ATVs or MTB bikes; snorkel on a great reef just off the beach; paddle kayaks, exploring cenotes and caverns, or simply relax on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Locogringo at punta vendo in playa del carmen

There’s something for everybody with a traditional Mexican Ranch surrounded by singular Caribbean style stables, domestic animals and typical palapa style constructions of the region simulating a traditional Mayan village in the middle of a virgin tropical jungle. There are a great variety of caverns and cenotes (natural wells) to explore as well as the natural flora and fauna typical of this region such as: ceibas, poplars, zapotes. Next you’ll enjoy seeing a great variety of colorful birds, small felines, mammals and reptiles. White sugar sand can be found on their beautiful beach and great coral out on the reef in front, part of the meso-american reef, the second largest reef barrier on the planet. That makes for great snorkeling and kayaking within the protecting reef. Currently, less than 20% of this paradise in the jungle has been explored.

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