Cultural Centers in the Riviera Maya

Cultural Centers in Mexico are similar to community centers in the US and Canada but with a cultural/arts focus. Community Centers as we understand them are a mix of sports and recreation, classes, and learning centers. In Mexico cultural centers are classes, learning centers and a large influence on the community.

As Riviera Maya cities grow, and visitors become more curious about daily life, local culture, and unique local experiences, cultural centers are broadening their scope beyond families, children and immediate neighbors. They are reaching out to visitors as well as local residents so people can share experiences, art, and history.

Discover Local Life in the Riviera Maya

Here is a list of various cultural centers in the Riviera Maya. Class schedules and workshops can be found at the centers, or on their Facebook pages. Very few have websites.

Casa de Cultura Playa del Carmen – Facebook Page

Casa de Cultura Puerto Morelos – WebpageFacebook page

Casa de Cultura Tulum – Facebook Page

Interesting Community Arts Centers

El Hongo  Playa del Carmen – Website –  Facebook Page

Parque La Ceiba – Facebook Page

Casa de Cultura Marino Caracol –  Facebook Page

We love these cultural hubs that take you into a deeper community experience. Find a favorite activity, or just have a look at the events that each cultural center offers throughout the year.

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