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Food and Drink Experiences in the Riviera Maya

While the Riviera Maya provides almost unlimited opportunities to sample amazing food and drink, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to enjoy all of what the Riviera Maya has to offer. Authentic and traditional Mayan and Mexican foods, drinks and flavors, internationally recognized restaurants and gourment meals, and one of kind experiences that can only happen here.

Cooking Class, Lina's Mexican Kitchen

This is an expereience we love to recommend for anyone interested in cooking and eating authentic, delicious and memorable Mexican meals. Lina and her sister Miriam are exceptionally knowledable. They are also great hosts and so fun to spend time with. She has an amazing kitchen and her garden area is beautiful place and enjoy the meal you have prepared. This is a hands on experience. You will learn so much and at the end enjoy a delicious meal that you have prepared. You will be so proud of yourself! Contact Our Concierge Today for more information and reservations!

Private Tequila Tasting

Discover the captivating world of  tequila, Mexico's iconic spirit. Immerse yourself in their distinct flavors and learn about the production methods, regional variations, and cultural significance behind these beloved beverages at the comfort of your vacation rental property. For detailed information and to book visit our Tequila tasting page. 

Mexican Wine Tasting

Enjoy a guided tasting journey through Mexico's renowned Valle de Guadalupe wine region.. Experience the diverse range of Mexican wines, from crisp whites, refreshing roses to bold reds, and deepen your appreciation for the country's winemaking traditions. For more information or to book visit our Mexican Wines tasting page.

Mexican cooking class

Learn the secrets of authentic Mexican cuisine with an expert chef. From crafting flavorful salsas and guacamole to mastering classic dishes like tacos and enchiladas, you'll acquire essential skills and indulge in the flavors that define Mexican cooking. For more information and to book a class, click here.

Batey's Mojito Bar, Tulum

Tucked off on a funky side street of Tulum, Batey's is home to some very fine Mojitos served with sugar cane stir sticks which make it all be impossible to not order another. Live Music in the evenings. Relaxed atmosphere, funky music, mojitos with sugar cane. Yes, go here.