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A cenote is an underground river that has the shape of a hole on the surface and it is usually deep. Some cenotes are open which means you get to see the fish and other animals living in it with the daylight, then there are others that are hardly visible which make them perfect for divers.

This destination has the laid back, old school, beach vibe that so many people love about the Riviera Maya. We have been traveling there for over a decade, and love the vibe you find in both Mahahual and Xcalak. Note. This destination may not be for everyone, and I can I think of a few people I know that would find it too quiet, too paradise-ish. There are travelers who love the camaraderie of popular destinations. They like that there are lots of people to interact with, restaurants to go to, things to do. They feel a part of something, and like that. If that describes you, Mahahual may not be your place.