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16 Dec 2018
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We would love to say we discovered this incredible hidden gem but the truth is Zine Food & Films has been offering services for a couple of years now. The privacy of this jungle cinema is thanks to the location and the efforts of the owner to keep this getaway exclusive. However, in such a little time its popularity has grown among locals and travelers due to the incredible service and unique concept.

To be able to combine the 7th art with exquisite meals and the comfort that privacy offers, is something that keep us loving this place. A wide variety of movies to choose from, an International selective menu of meals and the natural surroundings of the jungle. Zine Food & Films is exactly what Tulum was missing, and now it covers a great need we didn´t even know we had.

The Concept

You arrive to the place and the first thing that greets you is the friendly staff, a warm smile and a cute lounge with wooden chairs and tables. The bar and kitchen are always ready to prepare whatever drink or meal you are craving for. Then the different paths made of crushed stones and surrounded by plants, that will lead you to the private theaters.

When you are getting ready to watch a movie, the most important thing is the food and at Zine Food & Films is no different. Popcorns are just not enough and that´s why they came up with an international menu of options that you can enjoy under a low light. This allows you to focus on the movie and the taste of the meals only.

Private Theaters And Movie Selection

The place features 4 private movie theaters each one with a different capacity. The largest is big enough to fit 12 people seated by 2 in comfortable ground sofas. Two more theaters for 8 people each. And the last one, the most luxurious and private theater with capacity for 4 people and the most cozy beds to enjoy of the movie like you would at home. You can make a Reservation for films that start at 5:00pm or 5:30pm depending on the theater you choose. Currently the movie catalog extends to over 200 options and it is updated every two weeks or so.

Location and Reservations

Zine Food & Films is located only 5 minutes from Tulum town. The exclusiveness of the place gives a luxury charm without being expensive and it´s easy to lose track of time once you are there. Perfect for private or romantic celebrations. Open Monday to Friday from 5:00pm to 10:30pm. Reservations are accepted the same day but not after 3:00pm. Of course we can definitely arrange your transportation to get there if you don´t have a rental car.

Any cab in Tulum town knows the location for Zine Food & Films, which is Rio Otate street, between Rio Angostura and Rio Basca. Only a few blocks away from the main avenue in Tulum. You can also check the map and driving directions if you have a rental car. Walk-ins are also welcome but availability of the theaters is not guaranteed in this case. We highly recommend you to book a space in advance, Zine Food & Films should be on the top of your list for cultural things next time you visit Tulum.