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22 Sep 2023
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Vacation Tips

Getting away for a vacation to the pristine shores of Riviera Maya promises an exciting escape. Ensure a blend of fun, safety, and cost-efficiency with these travel tips from Locogringo. 

Embrace WhatsApp

Dominating the digital communication landscape in Riviera Maya, WhatsApp stands as a vital tool. With this app, making calls, texting, or even sharing videos online becomes effortless.

Lock in Your Transport

Avoid the rush and uncertainty by booking your mode of transport from the airport to your destination at least 48 hours prior. Whether a private shuttle, a car rental, or a swift taxi, securing this ensures a smooth start to your holiday.

Manage Late Arrivals

Sometimes travels lead to after-hours arrivals. If landing post regular office timings, arm yourself with precise instructions from your vacation property to avoid any hiccups.

Opt for Food Delivery

Time is precious on a vacation. If arriving late, especially in private beach locales like Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, or Soliman Bay, Tulum, sidestep the grocery chore. Leveraging food delivery ensures you don't miss out on the local flavors.

Strategize and Pre-book

While spontaneity has its charm, some experiences demand foresight. By pre-booking exceptional tours or activities with verified vendors, you not only snag the best deals but also ensure a guaranteed spot.

Invest in Travel Insurance

Unpredictable elements, from airport delays to natural occurrences, can throw a wrench in vacation plans. A robust travel insurance policy offers a comforting safety net, cushioning against unforeseen setbacks.

Contact The Local Experts

Finding the vacation experience you most want is key for a succesful trip. If you are planning on visiting Riviera Maya this year contact Locogringo for personalized service and updated information about the area to plan the vacation you most want.