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12 Sep 2023
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Vacation Tips

Mérida offers a treasure trove of experiences that won't cost you a dime from historical wonders to cultural delights. Dive in and discover the best free activities in this enchanting Yucatán capital.

Main Square – The main zocalo in Merida is a must-see part of this city. This is where the community gathers and where you will start your colonial architectural and museum tour.

Zocalo Weekend Market and Cultural events – On the weekends the streets to the main square are closed to traffic making this area a pedestrian walkway! It is here that local cultural events take place; dancing, singing, art festivals, a local crafts market and pop up taco restaurants. It is a must do Merida event which starts Saturday night and continues all day Sunday and into late Sunday evening.

Vaqueria – This Monday only event is a series of performances by Merida’s Yucatan Folk Culture Ballet Company, and the Jaranera Orchestra. This festivity originates from the 18th century. Location: Downtown Main Square in front of City Hall – 62 and 63 Streets @ 9:00 PM

Santiago Park Tuesday Night Dancing – Santiago Park comes alive with the Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and Mambo. Many combine dinner at one of the restaurants located in this neighborhood square with an evening of dance, either as a participant or an observer. Location: Santiago Park – 72 and 59 Street @ 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Tuesday at the Olimpo Art Center – Located off the main square, the Olimpo Auditorium and arts center has free arts events all day all week long. Tuesday Nights are a special night in the Auditorium with Trova, Yucatecan romantic guitar music. Watch performances by different artists every week. Location: Olimpo Auditorium and Cultural Center – 62 and 61 Streets. Check the Tuesday evening schedule at the entrance to the Auditorium.

Noche Mexicana / Mexican Night – every Saturday night at Paseo Montejo’s Remate, musical and dance groups from other Mexican states, including Jalisco’s famous Mariachis, perform in this traditional Mexican Fiesta. Enjoy food and craft stalls at this event. Location: 47 Street at the beginning of Paseo de Montejo. Events start at 8:00 pm

Palacio de Gobierno – This famous government building in the main square is not only a architectural masterpiece but also home to the history of the Yucatan. The courtyard, upstairs gallery and the balcony are lined with paintings that reflect the history of the Yucatan completed by local artist Fernando Castro Pacheco. Read our post about this local Yucatan artist that spent years creating these murals.

Museo Macay – Meridas’s contemporary art museum is free to the public. Located beside the main catherdral in the main square. Check online for visiting and current exhibitions.

Merida City Museum –A small museum about the history of Merida located in the old Post Office. Location: 65 and 56 Streets.

Plan Ahead

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