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7 Apr 2019
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Vacation Tips

We know our travelers are always looking for new exciting places to visit. Places that are not as crowded as the rest, are really hard to find in a top destination like Riviera Maya. But we have found another great option for families that love exclusivity and relaxation. Even better, this place features two of the main attractions in the area; the beach and the cenotes. Let´s just say this place has everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible. From the moment you arrive to the minute you leave, Caleta Tankah is a real paradise inside paradise.

Restaurant Onsite

Unlike other beautiful beaches like Xcacel, Caleta Tankah has a restaurant onsite. The menu is pretty basic, but the rates are affordable and includes tasty options. For less than $25.00usd you can purchase a full meal with a cocktail. The variety of drinks is also good and the restaurant is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Another of the perks of having lunch there is that beach chairs and beach beds have no cost as long as you consume. Among other meals, you can find paninis, burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas and guacamole. And for the drinks, we highly recommend Mango smoothies, Margaritas, Mojitos and Micheladas. The only thing not available on their menu is dessert, but you can bring your own cookies if you want.

Best Of Both Worlds

You don´t have to give up the beach vibe to visit a beautiful cenote. There aren´t many places that remain private and clean and combine cenote and beach in one single visit. But Caleta Tankah has them both and the snorkel gear is provided at the main lobby for rent. You can request snorkel mask, fins and life jacket at an extra price and for the full day. As you enter the magnificent lobby you will see an impeccable view. Turquoise waters, the waves crashing against the shore and green palm trees in front of you. On your right side the restaurant with a friendly staff and delicious menu options. And if you look on your left side a gorgeous natural garden full of plants and flowers, and a jungle trail that leads to a small but clean cenote.

Budget-Friendly And Accessible Location

With features like these, you might be wondering if the place is expensive. But the truth is Caleta Tankah is actually one of the most affordable options in Riviera Maya. The entrance fee is only $100.00 pesos per person. With the purchase of the bracelet, you have access to the beach, the cenote, showers, bathroom and restaurant. The access is even better, you can take a collective (public A/C van) to the entrance of Caleta Tankah on the freeway near Tulum. From the very entrance to the beach it take no more than 5 minutes in walking distance. If you are driving on Cancun-Tulum highway you will see the sign of Caleta Tankah on your left side.

By far Caleta Tankah is one of our favorite places compared to other crowded sites. It is family friendly, with a location easy to find and a great entrance fee. It is also available for exclusive events like weedings, romantic dinners and other private celebrations. Let our concierge team help you organize a visit to Caleta Tankah, this is a place that should be on your check list for Riviera Maya holidays.