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21 Sep 2018
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Temazcal is a unique traditional ceremony that involves a steam bath, used in traditional ancient medicine by diverse cultures. These traditional ceremonies were originally performed by several indigenous groups including Aztecs and Mayans. As part of the tradition, the Temazcal has to be conducted by a Mayan priest. Whom is also in charge of preparing the herbs and plants needed to release the steam once inside the Temazcal. In Riviera Maya, the Temazcal is one of the most favorite activities, due to its cultural richness and relaxation powers. There are different options in the area but we came to the top 3, the best of the best. Separated into three important locations to make it more convenient for you to visit during your holidays.

Dos Palmas Temazcal & Cenote

One of the greatest options near Akumal is Cenote and Temazcal Dos Palmas. Located between Akumal and Tulum town. They usually welcome large families and groups but couples and singles have made of Dos Palmas their favorite spot. The beauty of this option is that after an amazing cleanse in the Temazcal, you can enjoy the swimming in the onsite cenote. The combination of heat and freshwater purifies the pores of your skin and instantly improves your health. We recommend this option as the perfect gift for newlyweds or couples celebrating anniversaries. The rate varies depending on the number of visitors, but for couples is around $200.00usd. Reservations with at least 72 hours in advance are suggested.

Los Colibries Temazcal & Massage

Located on cenotes route in Puerto Morelos, perfect for guests staying in Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Their Temazcal ceremony is unique because it also includes a traditional Mayan massage after the cleanse. Helping you reach the highest level of relaxation. The duration of the process is around 2 hours top, and the rate is $70.00usd per person. The natural and beautiful facilities of Los Colibries Mayan Spa makes of it an unbeatable option in the north part of the Riviera Maya. Reservations are recommended at least 72 hours in advance to ensure availability and arrange transportation.

Moon Temazcal At Yaan Wellness Spa

Tulum is probably the most mystical town in the Riviera Maya. With all its incredible scenarios inviting to relaxation. Which is why Temazcal ceremonies here are simply unforgettable. Yaan Wellness Spa is one of our favorite massage places. And it has been featured in past articles mentioning the massages but this time we are highlighting its Moon Temazcal ceremony. The reason for doing it during the full moon is simple, the cycles of the moon increase the healing powers and improve cleansing. The rate is $75.00usd per person. It is suggested to arrive at 5:45 pm to check in before the ceremony. Reservations are accepted with at least 24 hours in advance.

Any of the options mentioned above can be offered shared or private, to guarantee the comfort of visitors. To make your reservation please send us an email to confirming number of people, date and your location. We are currently taking reservations with one month of advance or less.  Feel free to call us 512-782-9878 to inquire about other services in the area. We are always happy to help!