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24 Dec 2018
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We are getting closer every day to the end of another amazing year in the Riviera Maya.

As most of our travelers should know by now, Mexicans don’t miss a chance to celebrate a special occasion. We love celebrating our traditions and culture that surround us. And for us, Christmas and New Year are the highlights of the year. Not only we get the chance of seeing family and friends, but we can join in certain rituals that will benefit our economy, our success, and of course, our chances of traveling. If you love to experience the real Mexico, you will love practicing the traditional activities and rituals we have.

Chicen Itza New Year

The Importance Of Food During Celebrations

Food is of such importance in festivities, and for Mexicans, the colors in food might be the difference between a lousy or a successful 2019.

On New Year’s Eve, 12 grapes should be eaten during the 12 chimes that mark the end of the year. With each grape, you make a wish for the new year. It is also traditional to get golden coins of chocolate and give them to your family and friends. Each person should get one and give one, as a representation of prosperity.

Another ritual is to make a toast before the year ends, with glasses full of champagne or golden sparkling wine. The golden color in food always represents monetary gains. Mexican families also believe that Christmas dinner and NYE dinner should be at home with relatives, and only visit friends and more family after midnight. Otherwise, they will spend a new year separated from the family.

It is also believed that whatever activity you do when the 12 chimes finalize is what you will spend the whole year doing it. It is funny, but most Mexicans avoid at all cost visiting the restrooms around midnight.

Finally, lentils are also a typical dish that will bring prosperity if eaten during New Year’s Eve dinner.

Rituals For A Successful New Year

Clothing colors also play an important role in creating good fortune for the new year. Since mid-November, Mexican stores have been selling red and yellow underwear. It is believed wearing yellow will benefit your finances and red is for good luck in love and relationships.

Another Mexican ritual includes filling a glass with water and throw it over the window. This, it is said, will keep away sad/bad news and tears from the family members.

Keeping a coin (not a chocolate coin), inside your right shoe for the whole night, will also benefit your economy. And if you wish to change your job and get a promotion, you should put Bay leaves on the inside of your right shoe. Just don’t forget to remove them until January 1st.

Maracas, fireworks, singing, and dancing during the festivities on December 31st, might not improve your finances, but it will definitely reflect on your happiness for the upcoming year.

Increase Your Chances Of Traveling

Now let’s get to the best part. There are certain rituals that will increase your travels for the next year.

One of our favorite rituals or traditions comes after the 12 chimes on New Year’s Eve. You will need an empty suitcase ready by the door. As soon as the 12 chimes finish, grab the suitcase, exit the house, and run around the block or house. It is better if you act the whole time as if you were really traveling. We even say goodbye (waving) at our family members as we leave the house.

Another ritual involves grabbing a broom and sweeping. First, you start at the entrance of the house, from the inside to the outside. Then you place a few coins right at the entrance on the floor and start sweeping from the outside to the inside of the house. This will welcome money, which later will reflect on travels and gifts for your loved ones.

As you can see, there are many rituals you can participate in, to ensure an amazing upcoming year. We encourage our travelers to practice these cool traditions at their vacation homes.

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