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31 Oct 2021
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Avoid this one faux pas during Mexico’s Dia De Muertos

Locogringo knows that you know that one of the most popular holidays in Riviera Maya is Dia de Muertos and this is why we want to let you in on this holiday’s lexicon. 

Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, and Dia de Muertos are all holidays celebrated during the cusp between the months of October and November. Yes, they do have many similarities beyond sharing the same date, and as Mexico’s Dia de Muertos popularity rises it has begun to blend in with the American Halloween. Sugar skulls, marigolds, papel picado, and Catrina face painting are colorful ways to celebrate both the Mexican and American. It’s also true that Dia de Muertos parades and festivities have started to go mainstream just as much as Halloween costume parties. 

Happy Dia De Los Muertos is Not Like Happy Halloween

That said there is one thing you’ll never hear in Mexico or from a Mexican from Oct. 29 thru Nov. 2 and that’s “Feliz Dia De Los Muertos”.  Despite the cheerful appearance of the brightly lit altars a.k.a. ofrendas set up during this period and the funny obituaries about the living known as “calaveritas”, Dia De Muertos is actually a somber holiday. It is a time of remembrance to honor our dearly departed. We know you might want to practice your Spanish with your Mexican friends and they might even reply in appreciation of your gesture but the fact is this beautiful tradition simply doesn’t have a greeting. 

Well, then how do you say “Happy Halloween” in Spanish? If you really must you can say Feliz Halloween even Google translate got this right. Of course, if you really want to make the most of your Spanish lessons you should visit Mexico and practice your conversation skills with locals. Contact us for more information and details about planning a cultural immersion trip to Akumal and Riviera Maya.