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24 Oct 2018
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Day of the Dead, Hanal Pixan, El Dia de los Muertos. These are the international, Mayan, and Spanish names for this amazing festival that is at the heart of Mexican culture. This holiday is celebrated in the Riviera Maya but local events are not announced until the day before or the day of. What is a guarantee for this celebration is Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death, an evening event explains the history, cultural aspects and celebrations of this national festival day. The event runs for four nights starting October 30th and the entire family will love the events they put on.

What to See and Do at Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death

These are just a few of the things you will see at the evening festival held at Xcaret for Day of the Dead. They also tie in Mayan traditions associated with the holiday, making it more culturally relevant. 

Visit the Local Cemetery in any Riviera Maya City

Last year we enjoyed a wonderful dance performance at the Playa del Carmen city cemetery. So far we cannot confirm whether this dance performance will continue this year. What we can tell you though is that the cemetery in any city, village or town is the focus of this festival. Check out their Facebook page and fingers crossed they do this again. Find out where the local cemetery is and pop in after dark to see if there is something going on. Remember this is where families go to pay respect to their families so please respect their space. If you are lucky, there could be a cultural performance taking place at the cemetery. Look out for plays or a dance performance that explain the rituals and importance of Day of the Dead.

Buy Day of the Dead Bread!

This delicious sweet bread is the highlight for all of us! Local bakeries, large grocery stores, and even some large department stores get in on the action! Think sweet vanilla egg bread has a special shape and is coated in sugar. The bread is the bomb and really should not be missed! In Spanish it is called Pan de Muerto! You can buy individual small breads or a large round loaf to share! Like any cultural event is it best to experience the traditions in the country where their festival began. Sure we can attempt to make our own Day of the Dead Party at home, but the real party is here in Mexico where the tradition started. Read more about Day of the Dead Bread which just may inspire you make a quick weekend trip to Mexico to celebrate this famous festival holiday.