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29 Apr 2020
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Community News

Reaching out from Akumal with a quick update on our progress. We are so proud of the commitment and community minded spirit of all of the people of the Riviera Maya!
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We are reaching out to you from isolation to say “Hola!”  but to update you on the measures and mandates in place for Akumal and the Riviera Maya.  

Last week Mexico announced the start of Phase 3 of the Covid-19 Response plan. This is what that means for those of living here in Akumal and the Riviera Maya:

 Only essential businesses are allowed to remain open during this time.  Much like most of the US, essential businesses are considered grocery stores, convenient stores, hardware stores, delivery services, and banks to name a few.  Restaurants are allowed to offer take out and many are offering delivery service as well which has been greatly enjoyed and appreciated by many of us. Of course, all medical offices, telephone, gas, and water, too.  You get the drift...the businesses that sustain us.

 SO we think the bigger questions you want answered are 1) what is closed, 2) what are the actual restrictions for individuals and 3) until when these restrictions are in place.  Let's answer 1 and 2 first:

For now, all beaches and public parks are closed.

  • Hotels are closed
  • Vacation Rental properties are currently closed. (If not occupied)
  • Sit down restaurants and bars are closed.
  • Grocery stores are only allowing a certain number of people in the building at a time.
  • You must wear a mask when in public (the police are handing them out for free).
  • Many streets in larger cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are closed to discourage gatherings and travel.
  • Police check points are set up along the highways to monitor travel between counties.  People without a valid reason to be out are sent home.

 Now for the ultimate question - How long are these restrictions in place?

 Currently, government mandated stay at home orders are in place through June 1. These restrictions are designated per municipality (or county). In order to ensure the safety of future guests, the municipalities that include Cancun and Playa del Carmen will go even farther with measures in place until June 10. All others areas of the Yucatan Penninsula, including Akumal’s own municipality (county) of Tulum, currently plans to lift stay at home restrictions slowly between June 10 - 15. 

 Throughout the Riviera Maya we see local businesses, are friends and neighbors, rethinking, redesigning and reimagining our beautiful home so that we can all know that best practice safety procedures are in place. We are anticipating roll out opening beginning June 15 with new protocols including hygiene stations, occupancy limits and disinfecting procedures in place. 

We are so proud and so grateful to be a part of this community as it comes together to sustain and enrich itself. We are excited to be welcoming back the sea turtles now, and we are all very much looking forward to welcoming our guests and friends back when the time is right.

  Until then we are sending you the warmest wishes for health and happines, Saludos desde Akumal!