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23 Feb 2023
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Real Estate In Quintana Roo 101

Riviera Maya has grown up and over the past decade, more and more foreigners are purchasing homes along the Quintana Roo coastline.  Previously most foreigners searching to relocate to Mexico were retirees but thanks to remote work families are quickly taking the advantage of the opportunity to purchase and enjoy a vacation home before retirement.

Get The Right Representation

Navigating through the sales process and understanding the financial and legal responsibilities of owning property as a foreigner is no easy feat.  Especially, when all non-Mexican buyers must set up a title and bank trust to obtain a clean and clear title.  Finding the right legal representation to purchase real estate in Mexico is key. 

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) has been established for more than 66 years so make sure your realtor is a member.  In addition to their AMPI membership, ask your realtor for their "matricula" (license).  Over the last decade AMPI has worked alongside the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (SEDETUS) to certify the legality of professional realtors through a training and certification program.  Under the SEDETUS ordinance realtors are also required to renew their license every year which also requires 30 hours of on-site training.  

Though the license accreditation program is not mandatory yet, Locogringo highly recommends investors seek out licensed professional realtors. 

Finding A Realtor In Riviera Maya

We understand navigating through Riviera Maya’s real estate environment can be overwhelming but we’re here to help. If you are interested in buying or purchasing a home in Riviera Maya contact us and we'll help you find the information you want.