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7 Aug 2020
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Just a little indulgence on Half Moon Bay, A favorite, the lovely Villa Fortuna. Read more about why we love this luxury villa and recent reviews.
After purchasing Villa Fortuna in 2018, the new owners committed themselves to thoughtfully crafting a true luxury vacation setting. Today Villa Fortuna provides its guests a perfectly relaxing sanctuary and is an area leader in sustainable design and eco-friendly practices. 

The owners of Villa Fortuna fell in love with Akumal after an impromptu trip exploring the Riviera Maya.  After their first chance encounter, they decided that that not only would Akumal become their 2nd home, they would commit themselves to protecting this piece of paradise. So, after purchasing Villa Fortuna in 2018, they set out to craft a fully sustainable luxury villa. Today Villa Fortuna is a true luxury getaway, comfortable and peaceful with many modern amenities. It has also become an area leader in eco-friendly practices. 

Villa Fortuna is located right on the beach of Half Moon Bay, just a little north of the center of the bay. It is an excellent spot for enjoying water activities in the bay. During the summer months this quiet stretch of beach is also a great place to catch sight of a female sea turtle making her way out of the sea to nest. It is one of the few villas in Akumal located on sandy beach.  These are just some of the reasons Villa Fortuna is preferred by so many of our guests. 

Always with an eye to sustainability Villa Fortuna is proud of its many green features including solar panels, rainwater collection and reverse osmosis water filtration.

Six full bedrooms make this perfectly comfortably for large groups of all ages while still affording privacy and coean views for everyone. 

Villa Fortuna is a luxury property with many modern amenities. Some of our favorites include: 
Villa Fortuna is one of our preferred luxury properties. We are always happy to recommend this beautiful villa to our guests, and thought this would be a great time to share some recent reviews. 

Kara July 2020
Villa Fortuna felt to me something like of an island unto itself. A million miles away from everything. Everything you need is just right there so there was really no need to leave. We had plans to explore more but found everything we were hoping for walking the beach to La Lunita and paddling around the bay. It was so easy to get here. It’s so hard to leave. I mean even for a few hours. We never wanted to leave. 

RS July 2020
Most relaxing week! Away from everything that’s happening in the world in this dreamy house. It was so peaceful with lots of activities to keep us just occupied enough.  Excellent staff. Very professional and made excellent meals for us.  

Alberto June 2020
The villa sits right on the beach, just walk outside and snorkel away. We used the kayak and paddle boards every day. It made an unforgettable experience for our family. Our favorite way to spend the day was to snorkel or paddle board in the morning. Cool off in the pool. A little siesta in the hammocks and a walk to dinner down the beach.   

Lori June 2020
We were so blessed to see a sea turtle make her nest one night. We asked the beach volunteers to let us know and at about 11:00 pm they came to get us.  A beautiful female was making her nest just down the beach.  Amazing experience! We just want to go back!