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6 Mar 2020
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Visit the Tulum Ruins During Sunset Hours

The Tulum ruins have extended hours until 7:00 PM. This means you can now visit the ruins during sunset hours.

Living in paradise has lots of advantages. It’s a great way to encourage distant relatives and old friends to make time for a visit. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy frequent visits from friends and family over the years. Three or four times a year I join my friends and family for a day trip to Tulum. After so many years, I don’t get that excited anymore, but I enjoy good company and a nice view so off we go. On my most recent visit, we did it a little different. We visited the ruins during the evening hours, Sunset in Tulum. It was as magical as it sounds! I can't believe it took me so long to give it a try!

For anyone entering the ruins after 4:30 PM, the entrance fee is higher. Entry fees during regular hours 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM are currently 80.00 Pesos. This goes up to 260.00 Pesos beginning at 4:30 PM.  It is so worth the extra cost!

It’s beautiful seeing the ruins soaked in colors of sunset and enjoying the peaceful and open space to ourselves. Looking out at the sea from El Castillo during this time of day is absolutely enchanting! During our visit we walked the park, enjoying the sunset and each other’s company. It was amazing to enjoy the space in the cool evening air, without the crowds. I could only imagine how impressive the city would have been in its time.

There are no guides available after hours which is unfortunate for people really interested in learning the history of the site and the restaurants and shops nearby are closing. All of this aside, it was really an amazing experience and one I am happy to recommend. If you have visited the site of the Tulum ruins on previous visits, go again! Visit during the sunset hours and be enchanted all over again!