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26 Jun 2017
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Who would have thunk? A new Mayan ruin site. Well not new, but newly excavated for all the world to see. Ichkabal is due to open to the public late 2017 and is one of the older sites in the region. It is also said to have a main pyramid taller than Coba and Chichen Itza at 43 meters.

Where Ichkabal is Located

If you have ever ventured to the Mayan archaeological sites in the south near Mahahual and the Costa Maya, you would have been close to Ichkabal. Funny story, when we went back to the Dzibanché and Kinichna a couple of years ago, we noticed a few unexcavated mounds with ornate corners sticking out of the overgrowth. There were small hills, that led us to think that more buildings were in the area.

Well low and behold, there are and one of those is the Ichkabal Ruins that archaeologists have been working on since the mid to late 1990’s.

Why Start Planning This Next Trip To Explore Ichkabal?

archaeologists see Ichkabal to be one of the oldest cities in the area. It is thought to be from the late Pre-classic period so around 300 BC. It also solves some mystery behind the Kabal family, its role, and how this region ruled. Are we excited? Hell ya! We love Mayan history and to have yet another local historical site pop up where we can further our understanding rocks for us.

We do love the archaeological sites found at the southern section of the Quintana Roo state. They are less visited, not crowded and have far more ornamental buildings and designs than those found in the northern region of the state. If you have not been to these southern ruin sites, it just might be time.

How to Explore this Region of the Costa Maya

When we have previously explored this region of Quintana Roo, we have taken some time in Mahahual first and then spent two nights in the neighboring state of Campeche. This way you get the best of both worlds, the beach in Mahahaul and the deep jungle. This way you can explore the various, and there are various Maya cities in this region without taking too much time away from the beach.

Any of our listed Mahahual places to stay are perfect overnight stays to explore Chacchoben. We would also add Dzibanché and Kinichna to that ruin day but with Ichkabal opening, we would suggest taking an entire day to do Dzibanché, Kinichna and Ichkabal.

As we move through the Mayan cities to the west, we love spending a night or two at Puerto Calakmul, a jungle retreat that gives you perfect access to the Calakmul Ruins, and smaller ruin sites close by.

Are we excited? Heck ya. Will we let you know how our visit goes as soon as we can obtain access? Of course.

Start planning your next vacation and include various Mayan cities in your visit. You will be amazed at the incredible history found just off the local beaches.