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10 Oct 2023
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Campeche and the Yucatan Peninsula, including the renowned Riviera Maya, are set to host a celestial marvel. At 11:30 am, the moon will align between Earth and the sun, creating a dazzling 'ring of fire'—an annular eclipse. For several magical minutes, day will morph into twilight as the heavens unveil their shadowy grandeur.

While the spectacle is sure to captivate, a word of caution: never stare directly at the sun during any phase of the eclipse. Permanent eye damage can occur. Always use solar viewing glasses or indirect viewing methods for safety.

Here are some tailored viewing tips for those in Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Soliman Bay, and Tulum:

Puerto Morelos

The lighthouse offers an elevated panorama. With the sun, moon, and glistening waters, the view will be otherworldly.

Puerto Aventuras

Secure a spot at the marina for an unobstructed sky view. Arrive early, settle at a waterside café, and remember your solar glasses as the eclipse begins.


Envision the ring of fire mirrored on Akumal's tranquil waters from Yalku Lagoon to Aventuras Akumal. A sight for the ages!

Soliman Bay

A quieter retreat, this beach offers an intimate eclipse experience, accompanied by the symphony of waves.


Combine history with astronomy. The ruins set against the ocean create a surreal viewing point, made even more poignant by the eclipse.

Whether a local or a visitor, this annular eclipse in Riviera Maya promises to be a cosmic rendezvous like no other. Safety first, enjoy the show, and treasure this celestial moment! Contact us for information on where to see this upcoming event or plan your upcoming trip to Riviera Maya.