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10 Oct 2023
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There's an aura of magic that pervades Tulum, Quintana Roo, especially during the Day of the Dead celebrations. As shadows lengthen and nightfall descends, the veil between worlds thins, and the living and departed come together in a heartfelt reunion.

We invite you to immerse yourself in a small-group tour, limited to just 10 individuals, ensuring an intimate and enlightening experience. Commence your journey into the heart of Mexico's traditions in the afternoon, watching as the world is transformed by twilight's embrace and the history and customs of the Dia de Muertos come alive in a rural Mayan village.

The streets bloom in a profusion of flowers, garlands festoon doorways, and the soft, gentle glow of candles illuminates it all. This isn't a mere festival but a beautiful tapestry woven from memories, love, and traditions. Known as 'Hanal Pixan' or 'Food of the Souls' in the native Mayan tongue, this celebration bridges the gap between life and death.

Witness the altars each family constructs with love and descend into the "Cenote de la Vida" for an otherworldly ceremony, led by a revered Mayan H-men. This cenote, which stands as a beacon of life and has protected villagers from nature's fury during hurricanes, now serves as a sacred ground for traditional rites and blessings.

Stroll through the village cemetery, observing as families lovingly tend to tombs, each uniquely decorated, reflecting the departed soul's life, craft, and essence. It's an honor, as an outsider, to be welcomed into this sacred space, sharing in the joy, reverence, and spirit of Hanal Pixan.

But, what's a celebration without food? To culminate your experience, indulge in an exquisite candlelit dinner featuring traditional Hanal Pixan dishes. This isn't your everyday Mexican meal; it's a taste of history, tradition, and love.

Our tour, infused with local customs and traditions, offers an unparalleled insight into the authentic Day of the Dead celebrations. From pick-ups at your accommodation, engaging activities, to return journeys, everything is meticulously planned for your comfort.

Included are air-conditioned van transportation, expert guidance from Mexico Kan Tours, all entrance fees, and a sumptuous dinner. However, remember to check our pick-up times, cancellation policies, and payment details, all curated to ensure your experience is seamless.  Cost $135 US and a duration of approximately 6 hours.

This tour is not just an opportunity; it's a callingor anyone seeking a genuine connection and understanding of the Day of the Dead festivities. Book now, and step into a world where life, death, and love dance in timeless harmony.