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27 Oct 2017
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Besides having tons of grocery stores and restaurants, Playa del Carmen is also the host of many great bars and discotheques. With all type of bars, each with different bands to cover every music gender. You would be surprised with the options that are off the normal path. You don´t have to stick to the 5th Avenue to spend a great night, some of the favorite spots are not in touristic often crowded places. You can find good tequila, mezcal and local beer at good rates. We have found the best recommendations for you, based on travelers and local people. This might be a different side of Playa del Carmen that you haven´t seen yet.

Playa del Carmen Night Life

Despite what everybody thinks, Playa del Carmen´s night life and entertainment does not revolve around 12th street. There are many discotheques and bars to spend the night with good live music. 5th Avenue is the host for some of the best bars in town and there are also less known (less touristic bars) that offer great music, great service and affordable rates. The bands are both local and International; Mexican, Argentinian, Spanic, American and Italian. One of the favorite for rock music lovers is Biker´s Route 666 on Constituyentes street. Far away from the touristic places but locate in one of the main Avenues and with great bands. Beers are around $50.00 pesos and with a good variety of snacks and entrees. But that is not the only option, there are many great places to visit at night. If you prefer to stay in Playa del Carmen to enjoy of the beach during the day and hit the clubs at night. Check the options we have close to the beach and in walking distance to the best bars in town.

Variety Of Music

The list of bars according the music they play, is exquisite. There isn´t anybody who can´t find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you want to listen to a good rock, country or dance away to the salsa rhythm. You will find what you like in Playa del Carmen. This is the type of music the bars usually play:

La Bodeguita Del Medio (5th Av and 34th street) — Live salsa music.

Fah Bar (5thAv between 8th and 10th street) — Live acoustic, rock and blues.

Wah Wah beach bar (2nd street and the beach) – Live Country, blues and rock.

Route 666 bar (Constituyentes Av) – Live rock Spanish and English.

McCarthys Irish Pub (5th Av and 22nd street) – Live rock music and 80´s.

The Public Place (Aviación Av, by Playacar) – Jazz, rock, acoustic, reggaeton and blues.

Kitxen Bar (5th Av and Constituyentes Av) – Spanish rock, acoustic and blues.

Bar 10 con 10 (10th street and 10th Av) – Mostly rock in Spanish.

Caiman Tugurio bar (5th Av and 24th street) – Live acoustic, electronic, blues and rock.

Plan Your Rock Night

The good stuff starts around 6:00pm, by that time the acoustic bands are at Fah Bar on 5th Avenue between 8th and 10th street. And also at Kitxen Bar on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue. The heavy stuff starts around 9:00pm at Caiman Tugurio bar, Fah Bar and Route 666 bar. At McCarthys Irish Pub the bands start at 11:00pm. When local bands are finished they usually go to Bar 10 con 10 to “jam” and only after that they can say the night is over at around 4:00am. This is why we recommend you to arrange round transportation, so you can enjoy without having to worry about driving back. Let´s say you forgot to rent a car for your stay in Riviera Maya. There are always options to get safe transportation to the bars. There are public cabs working 24/7 in Playa del Carmen. You can download the App Taxi Amigo PDC that works as an UBER and is available for IPhone and Android. It is perfectly safe and is always available. If you have a larger group and you want a more personalized service, just send us an e-mail. We will secure your transportation and make sure you enjoy of the best night in Playa del Carmen.