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24 Aug 2018
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Just like everyone else we are trying to catch up with the fast change of Riviera Maya and Cancun. We are usually focused on new activities and attractions that might be interesting for our travelers. This time we are loving the new attraction recently open in Cancun this past March. The Ferris Wheel in Cancun, also known as “La Gran Rueda”, is getting us excited. It is perfect for families and is far from the typical tours and activities in Riviera Maya. It is also located close to Cancun airport and right in the heart of the Hotel Zone. If you missed it these past months, you can definitely join a ride on your next trip to Cancun.

Perfect For Kids

We could say the Ferris wheel is a fairly new attraction and is still unknown by most of the travelers who arrive at Cancun. It was open this past March and so far it has gained lots of fans. But of course, we let our travelers have the last word and rate the ride, to determinate if it is worth it or not. Since its location is in Cancun, most of the people miss it unless they are staying near the shopping malls or at any of Hotel Zone hotels. Its 42 cabins are very comfortable and are perfectly safe for all the family. Kids will love the scenic views of the Hotel Zone, the lagoon, and the ocean. And the slow spins will guarantee that even the ones afraid of heights enjoy the ride. The Cancun Ferris Wheel is 60 meters tall, so you can imagine the spectacular views it can provide. In case someone in your group decides it is time to cut the ride, you can communicate with the operator. Each cabin has a button to speak with the person who controls the cabins.

Enjoy The Ride

Before you visit the Ferris wheel and pay for the ride, we think you should have the details first hand. The wheel doesn’t go to the same speed as a normal Ferris wheel. The purpose here is for you to enjoy the panoramic views of the lagoon, the mall and some part of the ocean. You will not feel dizzy because the cabins are very comfortable and the wheel pauses every few minutes. We recommend the afternoon as the best moment to enjoy the ride. Because you will see more of the beautiful colors of the sunset and less of the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Each cabin is perfectly safe and can fit a family of 6 people more or less. You have air conditioning and glass windows and floors to enjoy the panoramic views. Bringing a camera or a cell phone to snap some photos is ideal. The entire ride lasts about 15-20 minutes and only 4 spins are completed in each ride. The opening hours are from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm, daily. The rate as of today is $15.00usd per person, kids under 4 years old are free.

Surrounded By Other Attractions

The Ferris wheel is located inside the famous mall “La Isla” in Cancun. This is kind of perfect because La Isla is the biggest and most beautiful mall of the malls in Cancun. After you enjoy the ride on the Cancun Ferris Wheel, there are other activities we highly suggest: Lots of luxury stores, a wax museum, restaurants, jewelry shops, aquarium and other attractive options. You could literally spend the whole day there without getting bored. One of the highlights of La Isla in Cancun (besides of course the Ferris Wheel) is the Aquarium. In Fact, there are promotional tickets that for the same price, will give you the access to the wax museum and aquarium. If you are considering a day trip to visit La Isla you might consider renting a car or arrange private transportation in advance.

The local drivers in the area are familiar with this and other malls. We can easily make the arrangements for you to have an unforgettable day visiting Cancun with your family. Send us an e-mail to to send you more family-friendly options for your holidays. There are hundreds of places to visit, and we would like you to know about them all!