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8 Aug 2018
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Have no fear. Revealing one of our favorite secret destinations in the Riviera Maya will not have it over run with visitors. We have decided to share a secluded, secret destination as this is an adventure to get to. It will take time and a special spirit to venture into this local secret hang out.

If you are up for an adventure, are you curious to see Riviera Maya beaches in their primitive state, and hope to do a bit of shore snorkeling or lagoon kayaking, the Sian Ka’an is your place. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is secluded. It is a big secret, and will most likely be the highlight of your travels. You will encounter few people, no beach clubs and no margarita service. Few vacationers are interested in making the trek. But if you want the ultimate beach this is the place to go!

For those who are willing to go the extra mile for a secret location we will share our little secret that makes the Sian Ka’an into a beach with margarita service. Bring your own! We mix a large thermos full of margaritas, and head south to this incredible place.

What to Expect In the Sian Ka’an Biosphere

The Sian Ka’an is a 1.3 million acre area that has few places to stay, but lots of things to do. There are multiple lagoons, access to the sea, miles of pristine beaches, and lots of untraveled jungle. There is one road in the Sian Ka’an that visitors can take into the Biosphere. If you prefer to be escorted by boat and a guide, tours can be arranged in the small village of Muyil just south of Tulum on Hwy 307.

If you choose to drive and conduct a DIY day, the only access to the reserve is via the Tulum Beach Road. At kilometer 10 on the Tulum Beach Road you will see a large archway on the road. Each visitor will pay an entrance fee of 20 pesos, payable to the guards at the arch. It is here that your adventure begins.

Before you go stock up on water, snacks, lunch, and a full tank of gas. The only small stores on this road are in Punta Allen, at the end of the road – 35 kilometers in. There are no gas stations. Repeat, there are no gas stations. If you have snorkeling equipment bring it along as the Sian Ka’an is a great place to snorkel, but there are no lifeguards along the beaches, so please be careful. One unpaved road leads you to various pathways and one beach parking lot at kilometer 5. At kilometer 11 you will cross a small bridge where you can see crocodiles on a good day, tarpon, or small fish. If you wish to take this road to its end, it is a 35 kilometer trip to Punta Allen, the southern tip of the Sian Ka’an road. The conditions of the road varies from month to month, depending on the amount of rain, if the road has been recently graded (this happens twice or three times a year) or if there has been a lot of traffic. Take your time as you drive so you can identify the many little secret pathways into the lagoons, and to the sea.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding in the Sian Ka’an Lagoons

If you wish to make arrangements in advance for a kayaking or paddle board trip in the lagoons, this can be arranged with Extreme Control in Tulum. They will deliver your equipment to the best lagoons and let you tour around the area. If you wish to have a guided kayak tour of the lagoons, book your tours through Yucatan Outdoors.

With over 300 bird species and lots of fresh water fish, kayaking through the lagoons is the greatest way to see the best of the best in the Biosphere.

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The Far Side - Secluded Secret Destinations in the Riviera Maya
Yes it seems odd to say ‘share this secret’ but truly this is a secret to be shared. Mexico has a lot of Biospheres, but none as treasured as the Sian Ka’an. If you wish to know this area more intimately, we do recommend staying in one of the few villas located in the park. You will love the tranquility, beauty and overall peace and quiet this area provides. Check out where you can stay in the Sian Ka’an.