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27 Mar 2024
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Naum Jungle Villa & Cenote Experience offers a private and tranquil retreat right in the heart of the jungle, yet only 8 kilometers away from Tulum town. This unique destination provides an exclusive setting for private groups looking to dive deep into a mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure amidst the natural beauty of the jungle and its cenotes. Here's a rundown of the adventures and itineraries recommended for visitors to this secluded estate.

Private Cenote Swim & Lunch

Begin your journey through the jungle, leading to a stunningly designed villa. Upon arrival, enjoy a locally inspired snack and drink prepared by the villa's chef. Explore the jungle paths to discover the property's centerpiece: a breathtaking cenote. Swim in its crystal blue waters, enjoy a candle-lit cave experience, and savor a delicious lunch at the villa. The day could end with a wine on the rooftop, possibly accompanied by a visit from a local monkey.

Experience Packages

Naum offers various experiences tailored to different interests:

Temazcal Ceremony: A spiritual steam bath ritual symbolizing rebirth, followed by a cenote swim and snacks.

Sound Healing Journey: A session with soothing sounds and instruments, a cenote swim, and a gourmet picnic.

Ice Bath & Breathwork: An immune-boosting experience with breathwork exercises and a healthy lunch post-cenote dip.

Jungle Yoga: A serene yoga class amidst the jungle ambiance, followed by a cenote swim and a nourishing lunch.

Cacao Ceremony: An intentional gathering with a heart-opening cacao ritual, cenote swim, and healthy lunch.

Champagne Brunch: Celebrate with champagne and a gourmet picnic after relaxing in the cenote and its candle-lit cave.

Cenote Cave Concert: Enjoy the crystal-clear acoustics of a cave concert by Tulum's talented musicians, including a private chef-prepared dinner.

Details Across Experiences

Duration: 3.5 to 5 hours, perfect for half-day retreats.

Pricing: Ranges from $170 to $300 per person, depending on the chosen experience.

Includes: Most packages include private chef's services, a welcome snack, brunch/lunch, soft drinks, swimming in the candle-lit cenote, relaxation in the jungle villa, towels, and transportation from Tulum Center to Naum.

Minimum Group Size: 10 people, ideal for intimate gatherings or celebrations.

Naum Jungle Villa & Cenote offers a unique blend of cultural and adventure experiences, all set within the tranquility of the jungle. Whether you want to connect with ancient rituals, enjoy the healing power of sound, challenge yourself with ice baths, or simply relax and dine in an extraordinary setting, Naum provides a comprehensive suite of options to create unforgettable memories.

Contact us for more information about the Naum experience and your upcoming trip to Riviera Maya!