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15 Sep 2018
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If you happen to be in Riviera Maya at this moment, consider yourself very lucky. This date in Mexico has a special meaning for all of us and it is when the Mexican craziness runs wild throughout the entire country. Parties everywhere that includes free shots of tequila, authentic Mexican songs, Mexican dishes, screaming, dancing and trying to share our traditions with travelers. There is no other date when we feel more Mexican than on September the 16th.

The occasion is probably unknown for some visitors; we are proud to celebrate Mexican Independence day tonight. We remember the Mexican Revolution that gave freedom to many people and honor the national heroes that were important part in this revolution.

A Little History

The Mexican Independence Day started actually in September 16th 1810 with Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla as the head of the revolutionary movement. He was a priest who gathered the Dolores town people in Mexico City, to rebel against the Spanish authorities and fight for their freedom. The movement expanded to Guadalajara where most of the civil fights happened.

The goal was to change the political constitution and their laws to benefit the people. Other cities were involved like Oaxaca, Guerrero, Guanajuato and San Luis. Other important characters that were part of the Mexican revolution were; Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, José Maria Morelos y Pavón, Xavier Mina and others. But Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is the one considered the “father of the Mexican Homeland for his courage and initiative during Mexican Independence Day.

Ways To Join The Celebration

You will be able to find a celebration/party almost anywhere in Riviera Maya; bars, restaurants and even supermarkets. The best places to celebrate in Akumal are; La Buena Vida restaurant, La Lunita, Lol Ha and Turtle Bay Cafe. Lol Ha will offer special margaritas and Mexican mixed grilled molcajetes on September 15th and 16th. We also recommend you to visit the municipality park for the famous “grito” where fireworks, Mexican games and authentic dishes and drinks will be available.

Tulum is also a perfect idea to celebrate the Independence Day. Places like Hechizo, Hartwood and Gitano restaurants will be celebrating with special menus. Gitano Restaurant will have a special celebration on September 16th, with a lot of dancing and Mezcal bar. Do not underestimate the parties at municipality parks, those are the wilder, louder and therefore, more fun to attend to. Like we said at the beginning, it will be almost impossible to find a bar tonight were free shots of tequila will not be offered (or mandatory).

Add That Authentic Touch

Most of the people tonight (especially crazy locals) will dress themselves old Mexican style with patriotic clothes. These include Mexican hats, long dresses with ribbons, braids, fake mustaches and beards and even bottles of tequila in the hand. If you really want to blend in and be part of the craziness, we recommend you to visit the closest Walmart or plaza and shop for any of these items.

Is not a custom party but you will see a lot of people carrying the traditional clothes that Pancho Villa and other Mexican heroes were using during the Independence day. As an extra tip we suggest you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, it is going to be warm so no need for a jacket. Also is best to exchange during the afternoon some US dollars into pesos, as most of the street vendors do not accept cards. They do accept dollars but you can take advantage of the exchange and the purchases will be cheaper for you. And trust us when we say; you will feel the need to buy, if not drinks or food, tonight will be like an endless buffet of souvenirs that you can bring for your family at home.

If you prefer to contact your for personal assistance with reservations or tips, feel free to send us an e-mail or even better, call (984) 196 1049. The concierge might be away from the e-mail, celebrating Mexican style as well!