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3 Mar 2017
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On your next trip to the Riviera Maya don’t be afraid to explore outside Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Tulum. There are often amazing and unique places you discover only by “getting lost”. Valladolid is an historical and beautiful town full of history and authentic people. The family ambience is inviting and people will make you feel like at home. We are sure you have heard of the touristic places and activities so we have done a little research to bring you a hidden gem that is off the beaten path. Cacao Valladolid is not a chocolate factory, a museum or a coffee place but a combination of all of them. For travelers (and chocolate lovers) who desire to explore Mexico through authentic and local activities, this is the best place to be.

Family Business

It is no surprise we are writing about a family business. We love to promote unique places of course but the main goal has always been to support local and family oriented companies. Cacao Valladolid belongs to a local Yucatecan family who is truly passionate about artisan chocolate. They have been working with cacao beans for many years now and this is why they have become the best company in Valladolid. The factory also works as a small museum, you can see several utensils and photos on the wall. The owners have improved the places by placing a small coffee area on the back where visitors can enjoy of hot chocolate and a good talk during their visit. They welcome everyone from everywhere and really appreciate feedback and comments on the “visits book” located at the front desk.

Souvenir Shop And Tours

As soon as you arrive a friendly host will welcome you and suggest a FREE guided tour through the place. The factory is not big at all but the guide will explain the history of cacao and how Mayans used to treasure it and use it for ceremonies. During the tour (which by the way can be in Spanish, English or French) you can see the women behind a glass door working on the cacao beans to make the most delicious chocolate. Next to the ladies there are stands full of different types of chocolate; Habanero chocolate, Mint, Honey, Coffee flavored, white chocolate and more. They will hand you samples and we highly recommend you to taste them all so you can decide which one to purchase afterwards. The factory has a small souvenir store also with mugs, chocolate shampoo, body lotion and of course a different variety chocolates.

How Do I Get To Cacao Valladolid?

If you are coming from anywhere in Cancun or Riviera Maya and have your own vehicle, you can drive straight to Valladolid town. Cacao Valladolid is located on the 41A street and 48 Sisal #210, on the parallel street of San Bernardino Convent. You can also take the ADO public bus to Valladolid in Playa del Carmen town on 5th Avenue and Juarez Avenue. We also recommend you to stay overnight since Valladolid town has a lot of historical places to discover like San Bernardino Convent. A great option could be to stay for a couple of nights at Posada San Juan which is a beautiful hotel located right in town. You could make the most of your trip by making stops at the Folk Art Museum and the Pet Cemetery cenote too. And don’t forget to contact us at: to arrange your day trip to Valladolid or organize your transportation!