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17 Jul 2019
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First, it is so hard to decide what to do in the Riviera Maya. There are so many things to see and do, making a decision can seem like an impossible task. Once you make your vacation activity decisions, the second challenge is to arrange your activities. There are so many different tour agencies, local guides and adventure parks, how does one choose.

We know vacation planning is hard, especially if it is your first trip to the Riviera Maya so we have put together a Seven Day Vacation Planner for you to use. If we had one week in the Riviera Maya, this is how we would maximize our vacation in Mexico.

Day One – Welcome to the Riviera Maya. If you arrive early in the day, check out your vacation villa rental, the beach and the Caribbean Sea. Have a local juice or a cocktail and just chill. If you arrived late, get a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for dinner, search through our Local Scoop Blog for restaurant suggestions.

Day Two – Take advantage of the blue skies, hammocks and calm seas. This is a great day to explore the Caribbean both above and below the water! Snorkel, cruise around in a sea kayak. If you are certified find a local dive shop and join the afternoon dive. Play, chill and explore the beach and the sea! In the evening, take advantage of sea breezes as you dine beach-side. Every Riviera Maya town has a great beach restaurant to complete your day!

Day Three – Go explore the ruins! No matter where you are staying we think that a ruin tour to Coba and Tulum makes for a perfect introduction to the ancient civilization of the Maya. If you are set on Chichen Itza, go for it! Book a tour on Day Two with a local tour group or use our DIY Itinerary on the website. Complete your day with some great Mexican food. Each Riviera Maya city has some off the beaten track taco places and family run restaurants. Be local all day long and experience everything Mexican today.

Day Four – Experience the cenotes! This is a great day to get out to a local cenote and discover the natural beauty of these ancient underground rivers. Again, you can book a tour with a local tour company or you can do this on your own! Bring your bathing suit, snorkel gear and get ready for a fun filled morning (one cenote) or spend the day visiting a few cenotes. Not a single cenote is the same, so we suggest going to a few cenotes to truly understand what this jungle adventure is all about. Chill at your vacation villa in the evening. Take food to go, or cook at home. Explore the local markets and try some new ingredients.

Day Five – Check out Valladolid in the Yucatan. This colonial city is easy to get to by public transportation or a rental car. There are great shops, fabulous restaurants, and architectural masterpieces that bring you back in time. This is a full day tour, and a fun one at that. When you get back, go for a swim in the Caribbean and then try a new restaurant for dinner. Have cocktails at one bar, then move on to restaurant for dinner.

Day Six – Check out another city in the Riviera Maya! You can check out other cities during the day, or hang close to your own beach and spend your evening exploring another city. All of the cities in the Riviera Maya are active day and night, with lots to do and see. Take your pick but check out another destination.

Day Seven – Have coffee and breakfast overlooking the Caribbean. This will most likely be a travel day for most, so breathe in that salt air and take one last dip in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. If you are leaving later in the day, have a midday lunch at a local restaurant, try one more dish that is new. You will be hard pressed to find great local Mexican flavors once you get home.

Chill and Experience – That is what your Riviera Maya vacation is all about

What we love about Riviera Maya vacations is the chill /explore vibe this coast has. If you use our itinerary as a guide, you will experience an overview of the Riviera Maya lifestyle without going home exhausted. This vacation planner has balance so you see things and feel relaxed through your entire vacation.