Riviera Maya vacation tips – Feeding the kids on vacation

feeding your kids on vacation in the Riviera Maya

Mexico is the land of the taco and chili, and rumored to have very spicy food. What do you feed your kids while on vacation in the Riviera Maya? Will you be stuck with chili’s and spice and the almighty habanero chili? Of course not! The Riviera Maya is a multicultural area that is inspired by the Mexican culture and takes advantage of the beautiful coast. It is by no means a 100% Mexican culinary destination and kids love the diverse choices in the area. You will have access to American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Israeli, Argentinian restaurants, with most choices located in Playa del Carmen but each city offering an diverse food selection. If you are eating in your vacation rental, Local grocery stores have a wide range of products that your kids will love.

Some kids favorites (and adults too!) are:

Pizza! – Found on every street corner and city. The Italians have settled on the coast and pizza is everywhere!

Tacos!- Pick between chicken, fish, beef or shrimp. You add your own toppings and can make the tacos as spicy or unspicy as you want. Fish and shrimp is usually deep fried so your kids can enjoy fish finger type treats without all the additives! Did we mention the fish is fresh? Daily!

Pasta! – more Italian food to share. What kid is not happy with a bowl of spagetti, linguine or ravioli? Mexicans love pasta and you will find it is a staple food in most restaurants

Chicken! – Chicken is the first meat choice as it is inexpensive and found locally. BBQ’d chicken is popular, chicken tacos, roast chicken and more. IF you want to avoid any spice for your kids just order chicken without any sauces or ask for it on the side.

Sushi! – Yup if your kids are old enough or if you are serving them vegetarian sushi (no fish or shrimp) you will find many sushi places in the area. Maki rolls are a great option for kids as they are fun and can be fish free. For the adults, the sushi is wonderful, but be aware that cream cheese seems to be in many of the maki rolls. Can not explain this trend, it just is. We ask for sushi with no ‘queso crema’.

Homemade icecream! – Flor de Michocan is a popular Mexican ice cream store that is found in all Riviera Maya cities. This ice cream shop has scooped ice cream, fresh fruit popsicles and other frozen treats! In Tulum, the Flor de Michocan has an indoor playground for kids! In Akumal try the Turtle Bakery ice cream, home made and super creative flavors. In Playa del Carmen, Aldo seems to be a favorite with ice cream and gelato found at all of their stores on 5th Ave.

Your kids will have no issues adapting to their vacation lifestyle. Food is so diverse in the Riviera Maya, they may actually try someting new, and like it! Check out our listings of Riviera Maya restaurants and places to eat!

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