Isla Mujeres is splashed in intense colors — from its kitschy souvenir shops to cliff-lined shores and white sand beaches.

With such vibrant surroundings, this little Caribbean island provides a glorious backdrop for taking some of the world’s most magical vacation photos. So grab your camera or phone as you pack to visit the island and get ready to capture the island’s stunning beauty.

A Day at Garrafon  Park

Garrafon Natural Reef Park has something for everyone.

Adventure-lovers can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and ocean zip-line while relaxation-seekers will find a serene hammock area and a refreshing oceanfront pool. With your price of admission, you’ll also have access to a buffet lunch, open bar drinks, lockers, showers, and towels.

Isla Mujeres’ most famous park also features the island’s brightest and most spectacular ocean colors. The unbelievable color of the water combined with gorgeous cliffsides and memorable activities make Garrafon Park a top photo spot on the island.

The Garrafon Lookout Point

One of the highlights of Garrafon Park is its famous Lookout Point.

If you’ve looked at Isla Mujeres photos, you’ve probably seen many pictures of the thatched roof zip lines over the turquoise-toned ocean, with the Cancun skyline on the not-so-distant horizon.

This iconic photo location can be found on the west coast of the island, near the southern end, after the entrance to Garrafon Park. Here, you can park your golf cart and find vendors selling ice cream and coconut water.

Taking photos from the Lookout Point is free. But if the zip lines look like too much fun to resist, you can buy an admission pass that includes the zip-line circuit without having to pay for access to the rest of the park.

The Cliffs of Punta Sur

Just past Garrafon Park and its Lookout Point is the entrance to Punta Sur (South Point).

This spot marks the easternmost point in Mexico, and it has become a favorite gathering spot on New Year’s Eve for people who want to be the first in Mexico to see the first sunrise of the New Year.

Admission is only $30 pesos per person. Here, you’ll get to see Punta Sur’s Sculpture Garden, the ancient Maya temple to goddess Ixchel, and Isla Mujeres’ most gorgeous cliffs. These attractions coupled with the Caribbean Sea backdrop make Punta Sur a spectacular location for an impromptu vacation photo shoot.

Isla Mujeres’ Famous North Beach

Wrapping around the island’s northeastern corner, North Beach provides an extensive stretch of white sand and crystal clear water for relaxing, sunbathing, or taking photos.

It’s usually calm and shallow enough that you can easily walk out into the ocean with your camera and take photos of the shoreline from the water — perfect for capturing the beach’s extensive rows of palm trees.

North Beach is also one of the few spots on this side of Mexico where you can watch the sunset over the ocean. So take advantage of this spectacular opportunity bye staying late into the afternoon and getting some orange-and-pink shots of the sun sinking beyond the yachts and into the horizon.

The Nightlife of Avenida Hidalgo

If you’d love to practice your nighttime photography during your Isla Mujeres vacation, head to Avenida Hidalgo after sunset.

All the island’s visitors congregate on this downtown pedestrian street each evening to enjoy dinner at one of the numerous restaurants followed by a leisurely stroll and enjoy drinks at one of the bars.

If you’re ready to start sharpening your photography skills in this Caribbean paradise, take a look at some of the best places to stay on Isla Mujeres. Our travel concierge at LocoGringo can help you choose and reserve the best spot for your next visit to the island, whether you want a luxe vacation rental villa or a charming Downtown hotel.

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