The Best Beach Day At Isla Blanca Cancun

Lagoon isla blanca

Far away from everything, there is a secret place few people know.

Isla Blanca, a two-hour drive from Cancun, is breathtaking in its beauty. Its laid-back, casual vibe make it a quiet place to relax, eat, play, and absorb the peaceful lagoon and ocean views.

If this is the first time you hear about this place, keep this article handy for your next trip to Cancun Mexico.

Best For Kids And Pets

Isla blanca palapas

Isla Blanca in Cancun is serene and secluded, yet perfect for families.

It is not crowded like the rest of the beaches in Cancun or even the Riviera Maya. Driving there might be a bit stressful because the road is a little rocky. So you need to take your time when driving. But trust us, it’s worth every minute on the road.

Once you arrive and park right at the end where the lagoon starts, you will see nothing but a light blue color. The lagoon has no more than 70cm depth, and it continues like this for miles. The bottom does not have regular sand. It is more like soft mud. The water is clear and is very still, perfect for kids. Pets are also allowed as long as you keep them on a leash.

If you prefer swimming, try the beautiful beach on the other side. The lagoon and ocean are divided by lots of sand and bushes. If it is windy the water, the sea might be a little rough and wavy. But you can still swim and snorkel.

Services And Facilities

Isla Blanca food

It is very important for you to know that there is no cell phone signal in Isla Blanca. You will be lucky if you get a couple of bars near the bathroom and restaurant area. The cell signal is good for texting but not enough for phone calls.

Carry enough cash as well. Due to the lack of signal, the service staff cannot charge credit or debit cards.

Be prepared with enough cash as well. Due to the lack of a signal, the service staff cannot charge credit or debit cards. There is a restaurant on site with basic and affordable seafood and Mexican fast food. Empanadas are $10.00 pesos each, small bottle of water $20.00 pesos, $40.00 pesos for a bag of chips, etc.

There is also a huge area for camping. The beach does not have tents, but they rent a site for you to bring yours for around $150.00 pesos per tent. They also have snorkel gear and life jackets for rent.

Restrooms and showers are also available for $10.00 pesos per person. We highly recommend that you arrive early (by 9:00 am). You will be in for a treat. The most amazing view will welcome you with a little fog on top of the lagoon, and absolutely no division between the water and the sky. The tranquility of this place makes it even more magical.

Plan Your Visit And Transportation

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Securing your transportation in advance is key to enjoy a relaxing visit to Isla Blanca. There is very little public transportation to this area because of the distance. There are only two public collectivos (public vans) per day that leave from Cancun. However, we have reliable local drivers who offer excellent service and are very knowledgeable of the route to Isla Blanca.

It is pretty difficult to find anything specific about the services and facilities on Isla Blanca. Most of the articles written about it are by people who have visited the place. So, if you have any question or need further details to plan your day trip to Isla Blanca, please feel free to contact us, or rely on us to plan your visit.

Our e-mail is [email protected] and our WhatsApp available +52 1 984 196 1049. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more off-the-beaten-path options for your next visit to this Caribbean paradise.

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