Spiritual Cleanse At Dos Palmas Cenote

cenote dos palmas

In our continuous search for enigmatic places that capture the essence of Mexico, we have found Dos Palmas Cenote. One of the most beautiful cenotes in the area not too far from Tulum. The incredible surroundings of this cenote make it perfect for relaxation. It is not on the top list of most popular cenotes which is great because it doesn’t get too crowded. If you haven’t had the chance of visiting, this might be the perfect opportunity to discover its magic.

Tranquility And Natural Surroundings

Dos palmas

Cenote Dos Palmas is located about 15 minutes from Tulum (driving distance) on the jungle side. Its sparkling blue waters have the perfect depth to allow snorkeling and swimming even for younger kids. This cenote is not completely covered or open which is perfect because it allows the perfect amount of light to enter and light the cavern. The Mayan village onsite is very respectful of the natural surroundings. And this reflects on the eco-friendly spaces that invite you to enjoy and relax.

Local Treasure

Mayan village

One of the perks of visiting Dos Palmas Cenote is the possibility of meeting the Mayan villagers who take care of it. The Mayan community will make you feel welcomed and protected. All the people who live there are very friendly and very knowledgeable of the traditions, gastronomy, and history of the area. They will guide you throughout the entire experience to achieve the maximum level of relaxation. Every detail is important for them to create a unique atmosphere for visitors. And the service they provide is nothing but exceptional, every visit to Cenote Dos Palmas is a wonderful and mystical adventure.

Cleanse Your Body


As soon as you arrive the caretaker welcomes you and the Mayan priest starts a ritual to ask the Mayan God for your well-being and health. This ritual is very important and every person who enters the Village needs to complete it before the main Temazcal ceremony. After the first ritual, you will be then ready to begin the cleanse and purification inside the Temazcal. For about 45 minutes inside the steam room, you will perceive different scents that will help you relax the muscles. The pores of your skin will release all the toxins and your entire body will cleanse. The Temazcal is not good just for your body but also for your spirit and mind. The ceremony culminates with a refreshing swimming in the cenote to close your pores again and make you feel renewed.

After the Temazcal and swimming, you will get an authentic Yucatecan meal to enjoy the rest of the evening. The cenote is open every day but the Temazcal is only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The rates depend on the size of your group but it can go from $250.00usd per couple. Round transportation can be arranged if you contact us to book with enough weeks in advance. Cenote Dos Palmas is also the perfect location for private celebrations: anniversaries, proposals, birthdays and more. For any inquiries please contact us at [email protected]

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