Riviera Maya vacation tips – when to wear water shoes

to pack or not to pack your water shoes for your riviera maya vacation

Water shoes are a great way to protect your feet in unknown waters, rocky entries and inland water pools. We have not used water shoes when swimming in the sea but understand that many people do prefer to wear them, just in case.

We do wear water shoes or our dive booties when hanging out in the cenotes. Cenotes are fresh water pools in the jungle that are surrounded by limestone rock. We find water shoes to be protective and useful when snorkeling or swimming in the cenotes.

If this is your first time here in the Riviera Maya, bring your water shoes so that you have them on hand for those exploration days. You will soon learn that the sea is clear, sandy and beautiful and water shoes are not needed. If you are traveling with little ones who are not familiar with oceans, seas or beaches, get them some water shoes so they are ready to dive in!

TIP – the white sand in the Riviera Maya does not get hot! Water shoes are not needed to protect your feet from hot sand! This is one of the many benefits of our beautiful, white, sandy beaches!

Check out the beaches of the Riviera Maya first hand and decide if the sea needs your water shoes!


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