Riviera Maya travel tip – Grocery shopping options

Posted March 13, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Mexico Vacation Tips

grocery shopping in the Riviera Maya


If you are looking for great fresh local produce, meat and more here are some great tips for grocery shopping in the Riviera Maya. Some cities have more options than others, with Playa del Carmen having the most options for grocery shopping. What we love to do is scout out interesting day trips for local produce that takes us to places we might have otherwise not ventured to. What you will also find is that different locations have different food options. In Valladolid at the Municipal market, we have found interesting fresh beans, Heirloom tomatoes (called Milpa Tomatoes) fruit that we can not find in other locations and more! A day trip to visit a market may not be a viable option for all, but know that if you are looking for an adventure, there are markets in the area that sell local produce and meats from family farms and ranches.

Playa del Carmen Grocery options

Commercial Grocery stores – Mega (Mexican grocery chain), Walmart, Chedauri (Mexican grocery chain), Aki, Soriana, and Sams Club.

Local Grocery stores – Dac, Bionatural (organic grocery store), and small independent owned corner stores that are jammed packed with great food.

Tulum Grocery Store options

Commercial Grocery stores – Chedauri, Bodega Aurrera, Super San Franciso (all Mexican chain grocery stores)

Local Grocery stores – Fruit markets are located throughout Tulum on the side streets and on the main highway. These fruits and vegetables are grown locally and prices are great. It is here that you will find heirloom products that are grown by local families. To add to the list you can search out Veracruzano for fresh cheese, Frida’s Organic Market on Saturdays, or El Gourmet that has international foods.

Akumal Grocery Store options

There are no commercial Grocery stores in Tulum but there are some wonderful local family run grocery stores that have a wide range of local and international products. Check out Super Chomack, Super Mar Caribe or Mini Super Las Palmas.

On Wednesday and Saturdays there is an open air Farmers market where you can purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. This is a wonderful option for fresh produce that is grown by local farmers and ranchers.

Puerto Morelos Grocery Store options

Like Akumal, Puerto Morelos does not have a large chain grocery store but have their local grocery store Casa Martin. Each Wednesday you will find a farmers market that has locally grown produce.

Puerto Adventuras Grocery Store options

Commercial Grocery stores – Chedraui (mexican Chain grocery store)

Local Grocery stores – Accento’s Delicattessen is a nice option for those small things that you may need.

You will be amazed at the selection each of these grocery experiences provides. Local markets are our favorites, but larger commercial grocery stores play an important role in finding some of the basics. Mix it up, check it out and try something new. If you dont know what something is, buy one and taste it! You may discover a new favorite food in the process! It is this exact process that had us fall in love with Mexican food, local produce and Milpa (heirloom) produce.

Check out more cities in the Riviera Maya and find exactly what you are looking for!

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    We are traveling to Cancun and PDC in August. My wife has gotten very sick from even the smallest amounts of produce or Mexican water. Wondering if there are any places we can buy produce from CA that has not been washed in local water.

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