Riviera Maya photo of the day – Ice cream break in Tulum!

No lattes today! Today we decided to have a break with a natural popsicle, one of the best on the coast and to die for! Flor Michocan, is a natural drink (aqua frescas) and frozen treat place. We stopped off in Tulum, but you can find these ice cream dream stores all over the Riviera Maya. They are natural, made by hand, are delicious and you will not find anything as good. I would love to say that they are organic but it is unproven and they not organic certified. Knowing how local ranchers grow their produce and fruit, this could very well be organic! Check out the frozen chocolate dipped bananas, the fresh fruit popsicles, ice cream popsicles dipped in fresh coconut, shaved chocolate and more!

Right now, in this moment we are in heaven. Tomorrow we may have a craving for another local favorite, but today the dream ice cream hit the spot! Check out some more Tulum restaurant ideas and suggestions so you can fill your craving today. The food diversity is wonderful, and cravings can be satisfied, you just need to know where to look!

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