El Dia de los Tres Reyes – Mexican Gift Giving Day

El Dia de los Tres Reyes - Mexican Gift Giving Day

Did you know that the local Mexican tradition of gift giving is not on Christmas? Local families have adopted some western Christmas traditions, like Santa Claus, but the real gift giving day is January 6, not December 24th or 25th. El Dia de los Tres Reyes is a fun fiesta where kids get their presents and the family breaks bread. Kings Bread or Rosca de Rey, is a traditional sweet yummy holiday egg bread that is covered in candied fruit. If you are in Playa del Carmen on Kings Day you can...

Feliz Navidad 12 Things the Riviera Maya Has Taught Us


Feliz Navidad! This Christmas, the anniversary of our 20th Christmas in the Riviera Maya, we decided to share the 12 things we have learned and love about the Riviera Maya. So here goes nothing. And this just might be better and more fun than the 12 Days of Christmas. 1. Impromptu happy hour! We lost count many years ago but impromptu hours rock. 2. Mayan is a tough language to learn. 'Nuff said. 3. Mexico and Mexican culture is nothing like it is reported in the news. Perhaps we...

Los Posadas – A Local Christmas Tradition Worth Adopting


Christmas in Mexico is fun. There is lots of music, great weather, a festival feel and a wonderful tradition that local families love. Los Posadas could be easily be explained as 9 days of traveling cocktail parties but there is a bid more to these festivities than just great food and drink. When we make the suggestion that this tradition is one worth adopting, not for the deep roots in religion but for the community involvement this traditions provides. The History behind Los...

Great Travel Gear for Your Gadgets


Smart Phone? Check. Tablet? Check. Go Pro? Check. This could be your routine before you head out on vacation but is this enough to capture the best shots and stay connected on your vacation. There is some great travel gear for your gadgets you might want to consider, but what is a good investment and what would you use. There are a few super cool gadgets that help you take spectacular photos. Imagine when you are on the top of the Coba Pyramid. The view is amazing and should be shared with...

Christmas market in Puerto Morelos

palapa at christmas

Begin your celebration in Puerto Morelos. Come along to see over 30 artists from all over Riviera Maya who will be showcasing their wares next Saturday 11am-4pm Av Rojo Gomez 776, Casa Caribe Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Morelos.  Find great gifts and local artwork. The local food trucks will be there with great eats.  Get involved by donating local school, so bring some school supplies, or stop by and help out with a cash donation to the Red Cross.

To Travel with Toddlers or Not? What Do You Think


You may be wondering and we may have some answers. Our answers are based on the experiences of our staff who have toddlers and our guests who travel with toddlers. Many people say, do it! Travel with your toddler for the mere sake that they fly free under two. The second reason to start traveling with your toddler early is to make travel a part of their life. When travel starts early parents and kids have great memories to share, a location to return to and if anything, mom and dad have a...

School Is In So You are Out!

Fall Specials in the Riviera Maya

There is this wonderful time between the Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving (second Sunday in October to the third week of November) where kids are so busy with school, they don't even notice that their parents are around. Whether your kids are in university, or in K to 12, this time of year is all about school. There are no holidays, teachers are handing out lots of why not take advantage of this parenting lull and run off on vacation, just the two of you. Not...

Start a New Travel Tradition this Holiday Season


Canadian Thanksgiving, Day of the Dead, Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are just a few weeks away. (panic) If the time crunch to the holidays is becoming more overwhelming each year, why not start a new travel tradition that coincides with your holiday traditions. How to Successfully Change your Holiday Traditions into Travel Traditions We know that making that shift from holiday traditions at home to holiday traditions abroad are easy, but newbies to the concept is...

New Carry-on Baggage Rules – Check your suitcase before you go


Recently airlines publicized strict dimensions for carry-on baggage. This comes on the tail of new baggage fees and weight regulations. Most of us check our carry on sizes pretty diligently thinking that if we were an inch over, no one was going to check. Eyeballing carry on was acceptable, and the norm. But new regulations are in effect and eyeballing just isn't good enough anymore. New Carry On Measurements 21 x 14 x 8 inches For our European and Canadian friends measurements are 55 x 35 x...

Little Mexican Cooking School Puerto Morelos – More than Just Food

Little Mexican Cooking School Puerto Morelos

I first met Catriona Brown, the owner of the Little Mexican Cooking School, during her first trip to the Riviera Maya over 10 years ago. She is a smart, creative, Renaissance woman who surprises me at every turn. For years I have been saying that I would come by and participate in one of her cooking classes. 'Anytime, Kay' is the response I would get but I failed to book the time year after year. At the end of 2014 I made the call and committed myself and a girlfriend to a class just before...

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