Malls Conveniently Close To Your Vacation Home

One of the main requests we get from our travelers is to provide location for grocery stores. Besides emergency contacts, grocery stores are highly important for people on holidays. Along with groceries, basic items like clothes and shoes are also better to find nearby. Malls here seem to have everything you need from a beach towel, fast food or even clothes and shoes. In Mexico we are fans of the malls, in Riviera Maya they are strategically located close to the main highway. Even for private Villas or secluded properties these malls are easy to access when coming from Cancun Airport. You can always make a quick stop and grab that item you forgot at the last minute. Malls are definitely the best options for shopping in a touristic area like Riviera Maya.

La Isla Cancun

Isla Cancun

The malls in Cancun have been known as the favorite for travelers for many years now. Full of stores recognized worldwide and the best brands for shoes and clothing. Plaza La Isla in Cancun hotel zone is our favorite, with the most luxurious shops, restaurants, an aquarium, wax museum and extreme water sports. The place is huge and beautiful! Even has a “Venice” type of canal under the bridge and is definitely family friendly. A true paradise for travelers who love to shop. We highly recommend the Johnny Rockets rock & roll theme restaurant and the wax museum. To visit this plaza you can catch the R1 bus in Cancun town and ask the driver to drop you at La Isla mall.

Centro Maya

Centro Maya

You have probably notice Sam´s Club on the freeway as soon as you exit Playa del Carmen. Well, right across from Hospiten you will find Centro Maya mall. It is attached to City Club which is also another wholesale store. Inside Centro Maya you will find a movie theater (Cinemex), a grocery store, an outlet for clothes and shoes, a beauty store and lots of restaurants. If your vacation home is anywhere in Akumal or Tulum area, this is the mall we recommend for a quick stop. But don´t worry, if you pass this mall you have a second chance at this next one located in Puerto Aventuras.

Chedraui Puerto Maya/Puerto Aventuras

chedraui puerto aventuras

You will definitely see the Chedraui sign on the freeway (on your right side) when driving from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. This grocery store has other shops attached to it, restaurants, beauty salon and clothing stores. There are a couple of restaurants; a Chinese fast food restaurant and a pizza place but that is pretty much it. Located on the right side of the freeway and under the bridge, right before you get to Puerto Aventuras marine.

Plaza Las Americas

Cinepolis Las Americas

This is the most popular mall in Riviera Maya due to the biggest movie theater; Cinepolis. It also features a wide variety of clothing stores, book store, fabric store, electronic store, grocery store, spa and of course lots of restaurants (look out for Crispy Cream donnuts). If you need to exchange your money, find beauty products, fancy shoes or even a costume, this would be your place. The only bad thing is the location, about 15 min driving distance from 5th Avenue. You have to get to Playa del Carmen first, locate the CTM Avenue and drive straight in opposite direction to the beach. A few minutes later you will see the entrance on your left side.

Chedraui Store In Tulum

Chedraui Tulum

Chedraui is not really a mall but if you are close to the area, this would be your best choice. Even to purchase last minute souvenirs, they have a specific area with Mayan calendars and Mexican snacks. These would be also the most affordable and delicious souvenirs you can get. It is important for you to know that malls and grocery stores usually open from 9:00am to 11:00pm every day. Except for Walmart in Playa del Carmen, which closes at 1:00am daily. As an extra tip, malls are great if you need cash (pesos). There are at least 2 ATM´s from local banks like Bancomer or Santander and usually are the least crowded. Strategically located at the entrance of the grocery store inside the mall.

If you are traveling soon to Riviera Maya you can ask your ask your driver to make a stop at any of these malls. If you prefer to have pre-stock service instead, send us an e-mail at: [email protected] to provide more details. We can pre-stock your condo, bungalow or private Villa and have groceries ready for your arrival!

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