Flying Solo – How to Happily Vacation Alone in the Riviera Maya

How to Happily Vacation Alone in the Riviera Maya

There is something about vacationing alone that is empowering. Making the decision, planning your trip, packing your bags and then venturing into the known or the unknown seems a bit intimidating at first but ends up being bliss. Some people have no choice but to travel alone, some people travel alone by choice. Whatever your situation is, either male or female, the Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for flying solo.

Why the Riviera Maya is a Great Place for Solo Travelers

1. Transportation is easy, cheap and so efficient – Chicken buses no longer exist in this part of Mexico. You can travel on luxury buses to anywhere in Mexico and for a fraction of the price of other countries. Buses run on time, are air-conditioned, have movies, and super comfy seats. Schedules are frequent. If you want to get around a city center or to the outer city limits in any destination, collectivos are also a great way to travel around. They are more flexible with drop off points, you will meet other travelers, and you can just hop on and hop off as you like. Spanish is not necessary, just know your destination. If you do need help with your Spanish there is a bus full of people willing to give you a hand.

2. People are helpful – Now this is a gift for the solo traveler. People love to help. People love to speak English, or French, or Italian so they can practice their other languages. They really, really want you to have a great vacation so will do what they can to help you, direct you or provide useful suggestions for your trip. This also goes for visitors. If you meet people on the beach, you will find people love to share their favorite places, their favorite activities and their local secrets.

3. The Riviera Maya is Safe – The Riviera Maya is a safe place to hang out. With tourism being the number one economic generator the country and state, people are very careful to ensure that the area is safe. Now if you wander off the beaten track, alone, at 2 am, in an area that you are not familiar with, you might have a challenge or two. LIke any city, late night walks in areas with little foot traffic is not a great idea. But beaches, the highway, activities, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, diving, you name it. All of these places are safe and a joy. Take it all in. Don’t miss out due to media hype. Many of us have been living here for over 20 years and we are still alive to tell the tale.

4. Find an activity in the area that you love and do it. This is how we met our friends in the Riviera Maya so many, many moons ago. We loved diving. We loved cave diving. We hooked up with a dive center and then we had an automatic community. If you love yoga, diving, paddle boarding, kite surfing, cooking, triathlons, or marathons, you will find a great community that participates in any of these activities. Any of the Spanish Immersion schools will accomplish the same thing. Instant community, instant information, and most likely some friendship that you will have for a long time.

5. Accommodations РThis is generally the hardest part of a solo trip. Finding affordable accommodations for the solo traveler can be a challenge in some locations but the Riviera Maya is prepared. There are so many options, from  luxury condos, hotels and small cabanas, to budget hotels, mid-range condos and more that you will find what is best for your lifestyle and your budget. This is the easiest part.

How to Happily Vacation Alone in the Riviera Maya

So are you ready to take a trip solo? Are you feeling empowered, if not tempted to fly on your own and just check out the area. Let us know if you are a solo traveler so you can have instant support through the Loco Gringo Community. As locals we do have some insight, and want to share our experiences, and who better to do that with than you, as you navigate through the area on your own. Let us know!

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