What if we tell you that watching movies can still be fun when you are on vacations? You can enjoy a family movie night while away from home. Cine club is a fantastic option to enjoy some of the local activities and being in contact with the culture. It is inexpensive, super fun, and it will not take much time from your holidays. There are several locations that Cine Club has chosen to be the hosts for these movie nights, all of them beautiful comfortable, and easy to get by taxi or local transportation. Stay tuned for the movie schedule and we will let you know the interesting details for you to plan a movie night in Riviera Maya with your family.

Inclusive Language & Friendly Ambiance

cine club families

Before you think all movies will be in Spanish, let us tell you, this is not the case with Cine Club. They review the list of movies and try their best to accommodate and include English and Spanish equally. All movies are spoken in their original language and with Spanish subtitles. The letters on the screen are big enough for everyone to read and the volume is at a good high level. The seats are well organized and with enough space between them for people to walk. At all times the staff is taking care of the visitors, and it is a friendly and family environment. It is also the perfect opportunity for kids to practice their Spanish, and get close to the traditions we have in the area.

Schedule For The Week

cine club nights

The variety of movies that Cine Club shows is very wide. From documentaries to the latest hits in movie theaters. Just make sure you know the classification of the movie if your kids are joining, to ensure a nice pleasant movie night. All movies start at 8:00 pm but we suggest to arrive at the location at least 30 minutes earlier, to get a nice seat. This is the movie night schedule for this week:

  • Pulp Fiction – at La Ceiba park in Playa del Carmen. July 26th.
  • Spiderman (a new Universe) – at La Ceiba pueblito in Mayakoba. July 27th
  • La Daga en el Corazon (Spanish) – at La Ceiba park in Playa del Carmen. July 31st
  • A Plastic Ocean (documentary) – at La Ceiba park in Playa del Carmen. August 1st
  • The Life Aquatic – at La Ceiba park in Playa del Carmen. August 2nd.

Affordable Option

Cine Club snacks

The entrance to see a movie is only 40.00 pesos per person. In some locations like La Ceiba park in Playa del Carmen, they have more comfortable beach chairs, and the cost is 50.00 pesos per person for a beach chair. The popcorns (with salt and/or spicy salsa) are 20.00 pesos per bowl. And fresh fruity water is also 20.00 pesos per cup. You are more than welcome to bring your containers if you prefer, Cine Club provides plastic reusable containers for the water and popcorn to reduce pollution.

As per transportation, from Tulum or Akumal, the public collectivo (A/C public van) is 50.00 pesos per person (one way). If you take a public cab, to the location in Playa del Carmen, it would be around 200.00 pesos one way. For the movie nights at La Ceiba in Mayakoba Resort, it is highly recommended to take a cab, because collectivos are more difficult to get on the freeway. We can also arrange any private round transportation for a family movie night. Don’t forget to e-mail us at [email protected] or send us a WhatsApp to +52 1 984 196 1049.

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