Eat Out And Stay Local-Authentic Food Stops

Of course Mayan ruins, Cenotes and Beaches are definitely mandatory places to visit in Riviera Maya, but there is another way to embrace the culture of the place; authentic food. This is a great article for food lovers traveling soon the Caribbean. There are plenty options that you can Google for luxurious restaurants in the area but let’s face it; when you pay a flight ticket to a different country the last thing you want is to eat the stuff you eat at home. There is a vast list of food options in this area and you deserve to have access to it. No matter how long your holidays is, you can at least make a stop and try one of the tasty meals that represent Mexican culture.

Authentic Food Restaurants

Lobster Akumal

Away from the fancy restaurants you will find the best places to try the exquisite Mexican options; snacks, drinks and even 3-course meals. We are sure you are familiar with the Guacamole by now, but that is not the only Mexican snack you can try. Nachos, quesadillas and empanadas might be just around the corner waiting for you, and with a few recommendations you can get to them.

Oscar And Lalo´s  is one of the underestimated places and one LocoGringo favorites too. Mexican food is famous for their sea food options and inexpensive meals and this restaurant has both. Exquisite lobster tail it´s their specialty and you should not miss it next time you visit this place. Located on the highway in Akumal area, every local cab knows how to get there. La Perla Pixan Cuisine is another hidden gem, located in Playa del Carmen town close to the 5th Avenue but far enough from the overpriced food. Their excellent options in meals and drinks plus their amazing service, makes this place unique for travelers.

Commonly Missed Food Stops

Quekas Quesadillas

When you hear the word “antojitos” (ant-oh-heetos) you know you have arrived to the right place. Antojitos are nothing more than the Mexican version of fast food. Anything like empanadas, quesadillas, panuchos, tacos or any other fried street food are the closest, fastest and most inexpensive option to the Mexican cuisine. They are also easy to find if you know what you are looking for. Food stands, ladies making tortillas with their hands and usually Spanish speaking but do not underestimate Mexicans, they will understand you perfectly even if they cannot answer  you back. They will be able to take your orders and the things they won´t be able to pronounce they will say it with a smile.

Las Quekas is probably the best example of street food, you will see two things in every corner once you arrive to Mexico; Oxxo stores and Quekas food stands. They are famous for the quesadillas; beef, chicken, pork, peppers, mushrooms and more. Each quesadilla has cheese inside a handmade tortilla for only $13.00pesos. In addition to this you can also find the regular taco stands on the streets and the empanadas ladies who usually sell during the mornings. Tamales can also be found in Tulum main avenue and 30th avenue in Playa del Carmen, usually at night.

Mexican Vegan Options

Vegan Tacos Tulum

And if you thought authentic food would exclude Vegans think again; The Riviera Maya is very proud to have the best options for authentic vegan food in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Which reminds us that the Tulum Vegan Fest is just around the corner. Charly´s Vegan Tacos is probably the King for authentic vegan options. You gotta try the delicious chicharrón (made with seitan). Homemade tortillas of course and the great variety of sauces. Charly´s Vegan Tacos is located on the Tulum beach road by Papaya Playa Project. Marvin´s Burgers in Playa del Carmen is another great example of vegan options that do not disappoint because they maintain the flavor of authentic Mexican food. We highly recommend “Chickita Burger” and the sodas naturally sweetened with Agave plant sugar.

But in case you are wondering about a way to discover more authentic places like these, we happen to know THE tour that will make your holidays worth spending in Mexico. Riviera Maya Food Tours offer 6 different stops to try authentic beverages and meals in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen. While you try the meals you are also learning about the culture of each place and a little bit of history too. To book a food tour for your family just send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will definitely hook you up.

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